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Sunday, February 18, 2007

Seizure Watch 2007 ...

Isabela's been sick.

She's been pooping red hot fire and she's been vomiting like mad and she's been unable to stay asleep at night and her temperature has been bouncing up and down from 99 degrees to 103 degrees. She's been a total mess. Natasha and I have been running a marathon. We haven't been sleeping, we haven't been eating hardly anything and our sleep has been on and off. We've been tired and exhausted and covered in vomit. Not to mention I was sick all last week and after storytime on tuesday I lost my voice. So this past week really hasn't been pleasant for me.

On friday while I was at work Natasha took Bela to the emergency room. Needless to say I was a nervous wreck. So I went to the back and decided to talk to Marisa in receiving about all my problems. And I was trying really hard not to cry, too. And apparently our store manager overheard what I was saying and talked me into taking a few days off. She said that I should take three days off but I didn't want to miss TWO saturday storytimes in a row, so I agreed to take sunday and monday off but come in on saturday for only two hours to do my bit with the kids. My wife wasn't happy about that but I really wanted to. Nothing makes me feel better than my awesome little stage.

Yesterday was rough. I almost didn't make it to storytime because friday night was HORRIBLE! So she came back from the emergency room friday afternoon. The pediatrician wasn't there so some asian family practice doctor was subbing for her. He said that Bela had a cold and pink eye so he gave us medicine for her vomiting and for her pink eye. But he didn't give us anything for her fever. That bit us in the ass later that night. She was vomiting twice as much. She went through three diapers in ten minutes. And her fever peaked at 104.9 (!!!!!!) which is some really serious shit. The way she was screaming is something I don't think I'll ever forget. I held her, danced with her, and prayed that she'd be okay. I was honestly worried that I would lose her. Her forehead literally burned to the touch. I was so frightened.

So Natasha called the 24 hour advice nurse and she told us what to do to bring the fever down. It went down about two degrees and the nice nurse lady told us to come back to the hospital tomorrow.

We spent most of the morning and afternoon yesterday back in the hospital. Natasha and I were such wrecks that I fell asleep in our hospital room for a while. Thank god the pediatrician was back on duty so she could tell us exactly what was going on. Isabela has two mild eye infections, two serious ear infections, she's got a little bit of "thrush" in her mouth which apparently is like a nasty white bacteria, and she has the Roda virus.

The Roda virus is a killer of children ... in third world countries! But we're in America! Hearing that made me instantly republican. If we were in the jungle or in some shitty shack in etheopia then Isabela would be dead, probably. But we live in a nation that has KFC Stacker Bowls and Grande Lattes and Bed Bath and Beyonds and high school football scores in HDTV.

Team America: America (Fuck Yeah)

So the Roda virus isn't as serious in God-loving America as it is in dirty foriegner countries. Seriously, I wanted to join the NRA after hearing that. So Bela got a shot and even more medicine and hopefully she'll be getting better in the next day or two and I debated switching the radio on our way home to try and find some Lee Greenwood, if you know what I mean.

Last night was rough, though, rough night number "I can't remember" in my epic unravelling. The power went out for about fifty minutes. You'd be surprised how much an iPod screen can light up a pitch black room. I used the backlight screen to find Emerald's DS and play Super Mario minigames until the power went back on. Isabela likes to wake up vomiting at exactly 2am and 4 am, which makes days like today rough because Em woke me up at 6 am. Bad business. I have a hangover and yet I haven't eaten or drank hardly anything. I'm drinking coffee. It's the first bit of coffee I've drank in like two or three days.

I feel dead. I'm tired, sore, exhausted, and I'm not eating a thing. Things are really rough over here. I'm struggling just to stay on my own two feet. GOD I hope she gets better soon.

On the positive side I got a fifty dollar Barnes and Noble gift certificate, which is a long story in and of itself that I don't have the strength to talk about and get angry over. Needless to say, by hook or by crook, I got a fifty dollar gift certificate.

I used it to buy the 2003 MF Doom side project Take Me To Your Leader, which he did under the kick ass name KING GEEDORAH. This album strokes my inner childhood geek. See, in sixth grade I bought a stack of Famous Monsters of Filmland magazines on the cheap. There was a little piece in one of them about Ed Wood and I made it my mission to find out more about this director person. Now I'm known all over the world for my love of Ed Wood but one of the OTHER magazines was an all Godzilla issue, which I still have. I discovered Godzilla the same damn day I discovered Ed Wood and I hold a secret love for the big green suit as much as I love Savior Eddie.

I first fell in love with MF Doom on his Adult Swim album The Mouse and the Mask which, I say with no doubt, I first brought into my work. This was back when jesse worked there. I ordered the cd and it took about three weeks for it to get in. I was constantly back there complaining about it to him to the point where once it came in everybody was interested and it became passed around like mad.

Okay ... so picture MF Doom's adult swim album except instead of being focused on cartoons he was focused on cheesy Godzilla movies. And instead of it being ALL MF Doom he's found a massive posse of like minded Godzilla fanatics to rap sweet tracks. THAT is this King Geedorah album and it's hands down my favorite album right now.

Here are some kick ass tracks for you ...

Monster Zero


I Wonder


It's a bit of a difficult cd to track down but its definitely worth your struggle. MF Doom doing Godzilla movies. It's like my sixth grade dream album, for christ's sake! Now if only he could make an Ed Wood cd. Hmmmmm ...

BONUS SONG: Four Tet (With Princess Watermelon): Go Go Ninja Dinosaur. For Marisa. It sounds like a fake theme song to a tv show that never existed. Awesome little song. Gets in your head like a disease. This song is like mental AIDS. Here, Marisa. I just gave you mental AIDS. You're welcome.


Anonymous said...

Holy crap, you guys. I hope Bela gets better very soon. If you need me to bring anything to you, just ask.

This morning I posted in Natasha's LJ to call me. Since I can't really call you, will you please do this when you have a minute?

Reverend Steve said...

I need you ... um, I men ISABELA needs you to bring the following things:

episodes of Family Guy
a 12 pack of beer (any)
extra buttery popcorn
soda (any)
cereal (with marshmellows)

I'll have Tasha call you in a little bit.