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Friday, February 23, 2007

Tomorrow - The Ultimate Fight Between Good And Evil ...

... last month was supposed to be the jumpstart to my year long Captain Book storytime plotline.

However, due to scheduling conflict, the face-to-face action was pushed back a month and our February adventure became the birth of Captain Book's evil and sinister (and ruggedly handsome) arch-enemy Dr. Borderz.

So that means that the REAL excitement and adventure, the REAL party, starts tomorrow at 2pm with the first face-to-face battle between the bookstore superhero and the evil villanous bookstore villain. It's going to be big and silly and over the top and, as Marisa put it, just the right amount of "too much" which is an awesome thing to say.

I typed up a meaty one page script, gave it to my man Kenton (the nam behind the mask - shhhhhh, it's a secret) and tomorrow we should be ready to roll. The mein plot is that the evil and sinister Dr. Borderz wants Mr. Steve's treasure box, the box that I open up at the end of every storytime that's always filled with stickers and gifts and stuff. Borderz wants the treasure all to himself. At the midpoint of storytime Kenton's going to do an announcement through the store intercom warning customers that Dr. Borderz has escaped from bad guy jail and is on his way to storytime. I'll get all frightened and I'll have a hard time doing storytime from the on out.

Eventually it'll be too much for me, this fear that Dr. Borderz is coming to get my treasure box, so I'll go to the back and get Captain Book to guard the treasure box for me. Then I'll tell the kids that I have to run to the back and talk to the police who are here to help find Dr. Borderz. I'll run and get dressed and Captain Book will do a quick meet and greet. Then I'll come out. I'll do a speech, a lot of ad-libbing, and then we'll have our big awesome, heavily choreographed fight. Think the lightsaber duel at the end of Episode III but with better writing and less faggotry.

This is big, this thing tomorrow. I'm nervous. This is me taking my cute little storytimes that I've been doing for well over three years now and consciously turning up the volume to 11. This is me making my stage a bit more professional, however silly that may be.

Wish me luck tomorrow. I'm gonna need it.

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