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Friday, February 9, 2007

The World's STUPIDEST Store ...

... the "99 Cents AND UP" store located at 7928 Gerber Road.

Just think about that for a while.

Ninety-Nine Cents ... AND UP!!!

So basically the heartless, humorless, bitchy korean cuntbags who own this place have for reasons unknown succeeded in creating a store that promises you, the consumer, that NOTHING they sell will be ever be CHEAPER than 99 cents.

Am I the only one who sees how backasswards that is? Seriously! 99 CENTS! AND UP??? Hello-o-o-o! How fucking stupid is that? Am I the only one? Really, is it just me? This. Is. STUPID! Seriously, I think I've found the world's stupidest store. I mean it's like the anti dollar store.

I've been wanting to take a picture of this stupid ass store for three or four years. I finally succeeded just a few weeks ago. After we took the past two pictures we decided to go in and check the place out. The 300-year-old mummified korean harpies who owned the place gave me the stink eye and followed me all over the store, which is impressive seeing as how the store's only a few feet long each way. They were your stereotypical store owners who, if they sold magazines, would be yelling "Hey, dees no libairey! You pay for magazeen or you leef!"

So on our way out I noticed these glass sculptures by the window. One was of the world trade center. I held that one and looked around until I found one for the air force that had a fighter plane on it. I then reenacted one of the worst tragedies in american history using glass at the front window of the "99 Cents And Up" store.

I then walked out and took the following picture, which really enraged the koreans. We hightailed it outta there and promised NEVER to go in there again.

BTW, the store's phone number is (916)681-9779. Give 'em a call and stir up some shit. Stirring up shit is good.


johnmc. said...

I'm pretty sure Marisa and I made some comment about that store when we saw it one time on our way to your place. I'm kinda pleased that it's as terrible as I thought it would be.

Anonymous said...

so do you think it would be mean if I went in and browsed around picking up everything and then asking if they had anything for 50 cents?

Reverend Steve said...

Sadly, I saw some cheap 50 cent shit once I walked it. What's the point of having a 99 Cents And Up store if you sell stuff under 99 cents?

That store is all fucked up.