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Friday, March 30, 2007

Captain Book VS Dr. Borderz - The REMATCH ...

... the thrilling CONTINUATION of the epic Captain Book Saga (part 4 in a planned 12-part series) is happening tomorrow afternoon at the Arden mall Barnes and Noble kids section at 2pm. There will be stories, activities, loudness, giveaways, snacks, and Captain Book will appear LIVE and will take pictures with all the kids ...

... that is, he'll take pictures with the kids IF he survives another epic fight against his evil and sinister (and deathly handsome) arch-rival!

In tomorrow's installment, the evil and sinister Dr. Borderz will ONCE AGAIN escape from bad guy jail and attack storytime in search of storyteller Mr. Steve's precious treasure box. Captain Book and Dr. Borderz will have another epic confrontation except THIS TIME the evil and sinister Dr. Borderz will somehow be impervious to booing (SHOCK!!!) and he will uncover Captain Book's secret weakness (HORROR!!!). Now, I can't reveal what Captain Book's secret weakness is but I can tell you it has to do with caged birds and a certain deceased young boy.

Tomorrow Dr. Borderz will LITERALLY have Captain Book sucking his thumb and crying like a little baby in a massive storytime that somehow features signing muppets, rapper Nelly, the rejuvenating powers of 80's wrestler Hulk Hogan AND a dancing robot that speaks french. Seriously. I'm totally serious.

I know I said this last month, but I am very nervous about tomorrow's big storytime. Last time we had about 70 (!!!) people, kids and adults, packed shoulder to shoulder in my department and even peeking over the teen section trying to watch our big fight. And tomorrow is even BIGGER than last month's show. It's sillier, stranger, and its got a massive cast of FOUR (including our store manager and a top secret "ringer" hidden in the audience), twice as much people as there was last time. The script is twice as big, too, and requires actual memorization of lines like back last century when I was an actor of some sorts.

Tomorrow's gonna be big. Wish me luck. The video should be up sometime this sunday.

Speaking of me being an act-oar, when I was in Arizona I found a dusty old cd with photos from the world premiere stage production of Pulp Fiction, which I was a part of way back in my Arizona life.

Gather 'round, youngins. It's story time ...

This was back in 1998. I was about to turn 21 and I couldn't wait. I had just done the part of Chezwick in One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest at a small theater in Scottsdale and had gotten good reviews. I then played Templeton in a kids version of Charlotte's Web. It was a bit humiliating being one of two adults in a cast of children but that play marked my first and (probably/sadly) LAST solo singing performance ever on a stage. I was all set to move on to a bit part in the musical Sweeney Todd but I gave that up after getting the chance to play multiple parts in Pulp.

I mean, sure Sweeney is one of my top five dream plays to do (and how awesome would I be as Judas in Jesus Christ Superstar) but getting the chance to do Tarantino comes once (or in my case twice - I was in the stage version of Reservoir Dogs about a year later) in a lifetime.

I look at these pictures of people and faces I once called friends almost ten years ago. I've never seemed younger and I've never felt older.

If that makes any sense.

Here they are ...

I followed up Pulp and Dogs with an intensely physically demanding part in the world premiere stage production of Fight Club. My director friend Mr. Michael had a thing for plays based on movies, in case you couldn't tell. In fact, there was talk of following Fight with a stage version of the underrated movie Suicide Kings. I was going to be Ira. That would have been the bull's balls.

The review of Fight says that I was "totally invested and, though awkward in first act pacing, [I] embrace [my] role with the kind of commitment necessary to pull of the impossible."

That's pretty much the story of my life.

Next month's Captain Book story time features my friend Marisa as the evil Miss Know-It-All. Awesome stuff. Stay tuned.

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Most cool pics, Pope of Woodism.

I hope the 'battle' goes most groovily.

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