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Thursday, March 22, 2007

A Few Random Birthday Thoughts Before A Night On The Road ...

... the plan is to leave by six tonight. The kids will knock out and we'll drive the whole night through and arrive in Phoenix sometime tomorrow morning. Natasha at one point was a semiprofessional truck driver (lo-o-o-o-ong story) so she'll be doing the majority of the driving. To prepare for this, she stayed up all night. All. Freaking. Night. Hell, she even went to the 24 hour Wal-Mart at like 3am to get me a birthday present while Isabela and Emerald and I slept. I finally sent her to bed at around 6:30am when I woke up with Emerald to get her fed and off to school. She woke up a few hours later and we went shopping for a few things here and there. And now we're back.

Today's Part Two of my three part birthday. Today I turn thirty. Wow. Natasha's sleeping again and Bela and I are next door. Funny how a year and a half old little girl can't stand still for Go Diego Go or Backyardigans but Avatar's on and she watching it like her life depends on it. That's crazy. I hate Avatar.

Today's my birthday. I can't get over that. It's my goddamned birthday. I'm thirty. I'm fucking thirty. I never pictured how I would be at thirty because, honestly, I figured I'd be dead by now. I thought, well, the world's going to end in 2000 and if it doesn't then I;ll just be killed for my controversial religious beliefs at age 27 like all the other geniuses. I honestly thought that. So you can imagine how morbidly strange today feels.

This is how thirty feels ...

It's an interesting feeling.

THIS is what I've gotten for my birthday so far:
Natasha got me some awesome cds including the new Modest Mouse, Quinn got me a $10 iTunes gift certificate, Lele got me a kissing hand, my work gave me a typical work card, Marisa gave me $100 (the majority of which we spent at Hoppy's) and Miss Kiki gave me flowers and some sort of cheesecake.

Wow. Thanks everybody.

My parents, being my parents, are worried about our drive. They're worried that we're going to fall asleep or get into some sort of accident. My dad, I think, being the hardcore mexican that he is, is worried about a woman driving. My mom, being my mom, is worried we're going to die a horrid, horrible death. My parents worry a lot. They always expect the worst in any situation and their worriness has succeeded in getting me a bit spooked.

So we've had some talks about getting the massive amount of Tecate and Henry Weinhardt's we have at home and maybe bringing a few for me. But we probably won't do that in hindsight.

You don't want to screw around with tent city, man. That shit's harsh.

Anyway, tonight we hit the mattresses. It should be fun. No need to worry. Not like we haven't done this trip before. I'll end up sleeping for about half of the drive and Natasha will OWN the drive like the hardcore chick she is. Natasha will wake me up if she needs someone to talk to and i'll end up getting about three or four "second wind" moments and, hell, I might even end up doing a bit of driving. It's all exciting stuff. Gonna be a blast. I've burned like three cds in 24 hours. We're gonna rock our way to the valley of the sun. Awesome.

This might sound extremely pathetic but I'm going to miss Marisa. I've been giving her rides to work most every morning and I've come to cherish having an ear to hear my sad war stories in the morning. Plus she sometimes buys me Burger King Heart Attack sandwiches, so that's a major plus right there.

But I'm really excited to see Ken-dar, my Arizona Marisa. She called me last night right after I talked to Marisa about Natomas for a half hour. I miss Kendra so much and I can't wait to see her again and somehow reconnect with Phoenix. I miss so much about that place that it makes me fucking sick.

The following is my Arizona to do list. It's 8 1/2 things, four of which have to do with food:

-coffee on Mill Avenue

-Peter Piper Pizza

-Castles & Coasters


-Atomic Comics

-Big Juan

-Ren Fair

-Galindo family steaks

(maybe the amazing Phoenix Zoo)

It's incredible that a person so skinny could have a list so filled with food.

There's also a few other things that aren't on my list. I want to stay up late drinking and bullshitting with my brother. I want to take pictures of The Pigeon puppet from storytime at various Arizona landmarks. I want to get a tattoo. I want to see old friends. And some various other things, a few of them personal.

I gotta go. I need to take a shower, pack some more, burn another cd, pick up the girls, wake up the wife, and hit the road.

Wish me luck. I'll be back next week with awesome pictures.

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Gregorio said...

Happy Birthday, Steve... sorry I couldn't make it to Phoenix, but I hope you had a great time and got to do all the shit you wanted.

By the way, turning 30 may be the best thing you've ever done. My 20's are a distant, annoying memory now... Ahhh...