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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Hazy Memories From Part One ...

... for starters, just in case any one's wondering, an hour of violent mad sweaty monkey sex does NOT cure a raging hangover. But it's worth a try.

I am happily finished with Part One of my three part 30th birthday party. The Hoppy's drinking bash wasn't the big bash I was hoping for. Basically it was just me, my wife, the kids, Marisa, Gwen and Megan. Not a ton of people but people DID show up, more people than Scott's failed Hoppy's attempt and 200% more people than Amanda's going away Hoppy's bash. We had fun and talked mucho shit about coworkers and Natomas and Miss Kiki and my wife and I drank two whole pitchers of beer by ourselves (although my brain pretty much absorbed the majority of it) and a good time was had by all.

My favorite part of part one was without a doubt my birthday storytime. WOW! I had 31 kids show up. There were new kids and old school regulars and I even had some kids whose parents yanked them out of school so they could wish me a happy birthday. My manager Julia overdid herself and set up massive decorations and gave me a whopping shitload of stuff to give away to the kids. Our community relations person Laini got me a huge cake and sparkling cider and ice cream. It was a super huge amazing birthday bash.

I got two gifts from my kids. Lele gave me a kissing hand like the book. She kissed my hand and told her that her kissing hand would stay with me forever. How heartbreaking is that? And I am happy to say that FINALLY after two years of struggling and scheming I have successfully tricked a kid into getting me an iTunes gift certificate. Thank you Quinn.

Here are some pictures ...

Part two begins tomorrow. We're leaving sometime tomorrow, too. Originally we were going to leave sometime after Emerald got out of school but we might just leave tomorrow morning or afternoon. I don't know. All I know is I'm turning 30 and right now, with my awesome family and my darling daughters and my cool friends and my heartbreaking storytime kids and the nasty sex with my incredibly hot wife, things are looking pretty damn good.

For those of you who aren't in the know, there's some serious drama going down between myself and my apparent "rivals" (with pathetic finger quotes) at a certain other Barnes and Noble. Now's not the best time to relay all the juicy catscratching details. Let's just say that it involves Steve getting screwed over and now heads are currently rolling. I'm not in any way in trouble but the people who ARE in trouble might just end up gunning for me when the smoke clears.

So I'm not going on vacation. I'm "hitting the mattresses" just like in The Godfather.

Wish me luck. Part Two starts tomorrow.

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Gwen L. said...

I thought it was great that Megan knew of my vomit incident with Greg. Makes me feel like a have a small part in what will go down in history at that store.