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Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Memories Of A Dead Computer ...

... our computer died recently.

It totally died, it just up and died. Somehow Natasha killed it. There was something wrong, some error message because something came apart, and Natasha decided to open the computer up to try and fix it. Bu-u-u-u-ut she didn't think to turn OFF the computer before fixing it, so the computer just coughed and wheezed and then up and died. So now we are completely computerless and internetless.

And I am going totally crazy.

Yeah. We have no computer. I'm here next door at Natasha's families place. Their dusty ass computer is right next to a trash can and a stanky ass litter box so I've been sneezing like crazy. It's been a very long time since I've had to do all my computing and blogging next door at nana's house. Back in the day this was where I did all my iPod updating and my blogging. That was in like 2004 and a little bit of 2005. Times change fast, I guess.

So what have I been doing with my computerless time? Well, i've been reading a lot. And I've been playing with Emerald a lot. Emerald is totally in love with me. She just wants to be with me and play with me and be around me all the time now. Yesterday we played jump rope for like an hour. An hour. Can you believe that? I still feel sore.

Yeah. We have no computer now. And we're totally broke so we can't afford to fix it or get a new one. So we're fucked, basically, and that hurts so much. It isn't until we didn't have it that I realized just how much of my daily life is spent on the computer.

My O.C.D. is going crazy.

So lets see how much shiznittle I can pack into a single post ...

-We're "apparently" still going to Arizona for a week for my birthday. I say "apparently" because our trip is based primarily on my parents sending us money. I would like to take a rest and visit my old stomping ground and relax but, sadly, having to rely on my parents is a crap shoot.

-My work has me cashiering. I'm cashiering. ME! The unspoken silent rule is that I am allowed to do my job in the children's section and that I'm not forced to cover cashier breaks and lunches. That was a show of respect. Back in the day like in 2003 when I first took over the kids section I would cover everybody all the time. I ran everywhere. But the district manager, who is now the regional manager, said that kids people weren't allowed to cover breaks and lunches anymore. And that was the law for a year or two. But now no one cares, no one gives a crap, and last sunday I spent 45 minutes in my section and I spent the rest of the day behind a register covering breaks and lunches. That is wrong on so many levels. Even when they had all my kids employees covering all the breaks, which they still do, I was always out of bounds. There was an invisible line which they never crossed because of the respect they had, HAD, for me. Now I'm cashiering all the time because any respect I once has at this job has been lost. All I want is respect but management has crossed the line of scrimage and now all hope is lost. Now I am very depressed at work, depressed and angry. Now every time I'm at work I just want to cry and then hurt myself badly. Work is not fun for me anymore.

-Natasha was all set to get a job that would have required her to work only on tuesdays and wednesdays. So she asked me to get those days off. That's impossible for me because I have big storytimes every tuesdays and saturdays. So I worked it out with work so that I worked six days a week. What with my mental and physical health deteriorting because of stress at work, I was weary of working six days a week but I agreed to it because we're broke and we needed the extra money. Now I'm working six days a week and, surprise surprise, Natasha didn't get the job. So I'm spread out even thinner than usual at work for nothing.

-I just weighed myself. 138. That's bad.

It's going to be a lo-o-o-o-o-ong time until I post again. Sorry. Here's some music for your punk ass ...

The Raconteurs: Yellow Sun

Elvis: It's Now Or Never

Townes Van Zandt: Where I Lead Me

King Geedorah: Next Level

Wilco: Heavy Metal Drummer


Maria said...

So if you yould like (and if you ever get to read this) I can have my husband try to fix your computer? He is deployed right now but he should be back end of March. No charge, just cause you know, he is a computer geek and it will get him away from WOW for a few hours.

Anonymous said...

Steve- You will be going back to your normal schedule soon love. I'm sorry that I didn't get the job, but in away it is better since you will still be able to have daddy daughter day with Em.
Mia- hahaha! That is soo funny. My brother and I have just started playing WOW yesterday! Steve is worried that he will lost me to the game. But since it is on my brothers computer he won't.
And we just sent our computer to the "doctor" yesterday. Our friend took it home with him to see what he can do with it. I am hoping that he can fix it and get it back soon. But heres to hoping.