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Saturday, March 17, 2007

Workplace Manic Depression ...

... some days I'll have a 30+ children storytime and I'll get props from various managers and I'll be handselling like crazy and I'll be spending my breaks with Marisa and talking with her and working on Captain Book and helping hot moms and cool people and I'll spend most of my day straightening the awesome books in my awesome department.

Those are the good days.

And somedays there'll be no one in the store but rednecks waisting time and massive families of minorities that smell funny and old people will come in and give me dirty looks and customers will cuss me out and yell at me because we don't have cds and bums will come in and harass the customers that aren't stealing Zane books and Scott will be loud and think everything he says is "hilarious" and share it out loud with everyone within earshot and random yuppie customers will say no to my help but track down the nearest white bookseller to help them in my section and teenage wannabe thugs will be reading sex books and cussing in my section and stupid clueless idiots will be ranting and raving about The Secret and the managers won't care about all the hard work that I do or the massive audience that I had at storytime and they won't give a damn that I'm stuck covering breaks all day when I should be doing my goddamn job.

And I believe that tomorrow I have to cover all the cashier and customer service breaks. And our store has TWO different cash wrap areas, so covering customer service will take ALL of my shift. I'll spend maybe 45 minutes in my department and spend the rest of my eight hour shift covering breaks even though I have repeatedly been told by the Barnes and Noble district manager Pete Scott and the regional manager Marvin Adams that I am not allowed to.

Those are the days that my stomach eats itself and I repeatedly slam my knuckles into walls.

Those are bad days. And they happen all the time.

I apparently have to work seven straight days in a row in order to earn my nine day vacation.

I just finished day four.

Three more days left.

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Anonymous said...

Are you going to be able to get away to Arizona for your birthday?