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Monday, April 30, 2007

Mr. Steve's Accidental Vacation ...

... apparently since I've been with the Barnes and Noble company for so long I get three weeks of vacation time. And apparently I went into the managers office and scheduled out all my vacation time like two or three months ago. And apparently I gave myself the week after inventory off, save the tuesday so that I could still do storytime. And apparently I plum forgot that I had given myself the whole week after inventory off, except for tuesday.

So here I am, Steve Galindo, on an accidental vacation.

It feels strange, like I'm playing hookey or I'm in trouble or something. I wish I would have remembered I was going on vacation. Maybe I could have planned something. But as it stands all I have to do is drink, take care of the kids, eat, annoy my wife and have numerous sexy kitchen dance parties. We have a lot of kitchen dance parties, me and my wife and the kids dancing in the kitchen to whatever cd I've burned or whatever my iPod's churning out. Oh, and I'm also going to get a subscription to City of Heroes and go see a movie (the last film I saw in theaters was freakin' BORAT) and try to do my wife in the shower. That's a tough one what with the kids.

I am in on tuesday, though. I have to train Tiffany, do a big Spider-Man storytime, shelve, set up storytime on saturday, and redo all 13 of my section's endcaps. It will be hell. But then after that I don't have to go back to work until next tuesday. That's a crazy amount of time for me to do nothing. I wish I had my computer back. Hopefully I'll have it soon.

Here's some awesome mashups for your OWN sexy kitchen dance parties. You're welcome ...

Party Ben: (Triple) Freak Me Out

DJ BC: 5 o'clock People For Prez

Party Ben: Galvanize the Empire

DJ Max Entropy: Don't Phunk With My Fortunate Son

Synchronize: Sweet Times Of Mine

DJ BC: Listen Twice

DJ Max Entropy: Short Skirt, London Bridge

Captain Book VS Ms. Know-It-All went amazingly well and Megan was a great trooper and an awesome bad girl and the kids really dug it. It went ten times better than I had planned it. I'm so happy with it I'm not even mad that Megan LITERALLY threw me off the stage, knocking the wind out of me like mad.

My wife couldn't make it to the storytime, so there's no video. Again. But there should be pictures up here sometime midweek. So stay tuned.

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Anonymous said...

i'm soooo sorry about that, i really didn't mean to throw you. but yes, it was fun and i can't wait until next month!