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Sunday, April 15, 2007

Super Baby Freak Out ...

-Isabela is quiet an cute and talkative and an all around sweet natured little cutie pie ...

around people!

But you get her all alone and she has what Natasha and I like to call "Super Baby Freak Outs." She yells and screams and kicks and loses it hardcore. Her face gets red, she'll yell at the absolute top of her lungs, she squirms, she kicks and scratches, tears start to build, and she seriously screams like we're torturing her. Just picture a baby at its worst and then multiply it by ten and that's an Isabela Galindo patented Super Baby Freak Out.

Usually she has Super Baby Freak Outs when she's tired or when she's not getting Natasha's boobies or when we have to leave and she doesn't want to leave. She also likes having Super Baby Freak Outs at parking lots of major stores. It's like I'll try to buckle her into her car seat and then she'll kick me and scratch me and LITERALLY try to jump out of my arms and she'll basically act like I'm fucking molesting her. And, man, I get these absolutely HORRIBLE death looks from passing white people. It's horrible. It's frustrating and painful and heartbreaking and the absolute worst and its all mixed together with the feeling that you're the worst parent in the world for not stopping this.

Here's the only other picture in existence of one of Bela's Super Baby Freak Outs ...

I was lonely last night. I haven't been spending a lot of time with my wife lately. She's been stressed out and so she's been escaping any chance she gets, leaving me to take care of the kids all alone. Last night she came back from a women's meeting to spend time with me but fell asleep at around 9:30, so I stayed up drinking until sometime around 2am.

But, wow, for the first time in like forever I slept in. Yeah, shocking I know. And when my wife woke me up we made nasty monkey love. Afterwards she told me that both the girls were at church with her mom so we could spend the whole morning all alone.

This is the first time in a very very very very very long time that its just been me and my wife. That's what happens when you get married and have kids. It's so easy to drift apart. My wife has been spending a lot of time away from me. She goes to this party or she goes out with a friend or she goes next door for forever. I know she gets stressed out having to take care of the kids and its a break from the children she's looking for but it's really difficult for me not to take it personally and think that she's really trying to get away from me.

But we had sex, went mad at Hometown Buffet, went to target and bought shit, went a few other places, and when we got back home we got the girls and drove to a park and flew kites. It's been pretty awesome.

I was worried I'd lose my wife but today was exactly what I needed. I might be going through painfully hideous coffee withdrawls but things seem to be getting better for me all the time.


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