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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Various Random Graduation Nite Whatnots ...

... tonight my five year old daughter Emerald is graduating kindergarten. We are all very excited. I'm actually missing a Harry Potter club meeting for this - I've ran a successful H.P. club since 2003 and have missed only two meetings before, both the result of Isabela being born. That's how big of a deal tonight is for me.

Actually, tonight is part one of a massively crazy week. Tonight Emerald graduates. Tomorrow I go back to the doctor's office to make sure I don't want to kill myself. I work friday. On saturday it's my wife's birthday and we're having a massive drinking blowout at Gwen's house. The day after that it's father's day and I'm being forced to go to church.

I can't believe that four years ago my little Em could barely say da-da and now she's reading on her own and writing cursive and doing math problems and singing along to the Groovie Ghoulies. I feel so proud and old at the same time.

I'm currently on the uppermost part of the bell curve that is my love of reading. I've read Mick Foley's new autobiography, a day by day look at his 2006 ECW comeback that pulls no punches in its criticisms of the WWE and would be a classic if it weren't for the 100 or so pages he devotes to his own humanitarian efforts.

I've also recently read an amazing book called Heroics For Beginners by John Moore. I know the name is a very generic one but he is so comedically talented that he deserves to be a million times more well known. He takes the classic dragon and castle and evil wizard and knight in shining armor tales and kicks their ass. Picture Terry Pratchett but from Texas and not full of himself.

I'm now reading an incredible debut novel called Soon I Will Be Invincible by Austin Grossman. It's the ultimate novel for comic book lovers. It's obvious that Grossman knows a lot about comic mythology, both Marvel and DC. He takes the capes and the powers and the myths and the tights, the best parts of Batman and Superman and the Avengers and the X-Men and he turns it into a tender and unstoppable novel written from the points of view of a half-cyborg woman replacing a dead member of a super team and the nefarious Dr. Impossible. I started reading it thinking i'd get a kick out of it, given my own personal times spent trying to defeat my nemesis Captain Book, but I was caught off guard by its realism and its heart. I can't reccomend this enough. This is one hell of a book.

I'm also proud to say that Bradley Denton, the best novelist you've never heard of, has just had his modern American classic Blackburn reprinted and is now available to order from your local bookstore. It's a suprisingly touching coming of age-slash-serial killer novel and it's hands down the best book I've ever read. Bradley Denton's quirky, tender style deserves to be the voice of modern American fiction and the fact that he remains as unknown as he is is nothing more than a travesty. Go to Barnes and Noble and order Blackburn. It's epic.

I'm very close to getting Marisa and Natasha to agree to go with me to get matching tattoos.

We got this new Warriors book, warriors being the semi-popular warrior cat clan series of books for young children. It's a book on information on the various cat clans. Apparently the different clams have different symbols.

And, as regular readers to my blog no doubt know, my brown ass rolls with the Wind clan

How cool would we be with matching warrior cat tattoos?

And poor Emerald without a clan.

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