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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Captain Book AND Dr. Borderz VS Miss Lulu ...

... Mr Steve welcomes a special guest to storytime. Her name is Miss Lulu and she's a storyteller from a new Barnes and Noble nearby. She has a ukulele and she talks to the kids like they're idiots. Steve suspects she's a new villain and she makes him sing with her. But her mind control ukulele turns Steve into a zombie and he's sent to the back to steal peanut butter cookies from the snack machine. Captain Book tries to stop her but is frozen. Clifford the Big Red Dog tries to defeat her next and also gets frozen. Miss Lulu easily defeats both heroes and claims to be the greatest super villain ever, a million times better than that stupid idiot fool loser Dr. Borderz. Then Dr. Borderz strolls in and Lulu makes fun of him. Then, in a shocking plot twist that the kids went nuts for, Dr. Borderz revived Captain Book and together they defeated Miss Lulu. They even shared a hug at the end, during which Borderz affixed a "Kick Me" sign on his back, reverting to his evil ways.

The whole thing was really epic in scope and it had some amazing performances by all of my actors, including the store manager as a frozen Clifford. The 40 kids in attendance really loved it and got a kick out of a temporarily good Dr. Borderz. I did an ad-lib where Bela handed me a panda doll and I threw it at Lulu. It was awesome. With each month our Captain Book adventures get better and bigger and more and more popular. There were even about 35 adults there, many of which saw our big Captain Book adventure at the Harry Potter party and wanted more. Captain Book is blowing up all over the place. It's very exciting.

Marisa literally threatened to kick my ass if I posted pictures of her in her Miss Lulu costume singing with her ukulele. But she's moving, so screw her.

Bela tries to feed teddy grahams to a frozen Clifford ...

Next month I pick the winner (or winners) of the "Create a Villain" contest. I will pick a villain from our box of well over 50 different villain ideas and that villain (or villains) will square off against Captain Book. Very exciting stuff. Clearly 2007 is the Year of Captain Book!

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