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Saturday, July 21, 2007

Post # 700: Potter Drunk ...

... I was on stage in my children's department from 9pm last night to about 1:30am this morning doing trivia and games and activities and giving out free prizes to 300 to 400 screaming crackhead children, many of whom treated me like crap and deserved to be beaten. The six activity tables set up throughout the store, my idea by the way (although I have yet to be given any credit by anyone who is not Marisa or my wife), succeeded in quelling the bottlenecking in kids that troubled us last time for book six. I probably left the store around 2:40 or 2:50am. It was a big success. I'm proud of everything. I do have one beef, though, one little thing that upset me. I talked to the store manager and another manager early in the night, even before I clocked in to work, because I wanted to make sure that someone would take a few pictures of me in kids doing my thing and especially take a few pictures of my big Captain Book adventure at 11pm. The people that I talked to were incredibly stressed out and way too busy to pay attention to me and blew me off by saying that there were a ton of people with cameras at work and that somebody would take pictures of me in kids. But nobody did. Yes there were a ton of employees with cameras and even managers with cameras but not a single picture was taken of me busting my ass in kids. In fact, nobody even bothered to go into the kids section to see how I was doing, let alone take any pictures. I didn't bring it up because of how tired I was and besides everybody was stressed out and pissed off and me trying to tell people how I wanted recognition would have come across wrong and I would have seemed like a crybaby (although I did cry in my car about it on the way home). The actual literal pictures not being taken, that really doesn't bother me. I'm not mad about pictures. It's what the pictures, or lack thereof, represents that really bothered me, what that situation stood for. I mean, nobody bothered to take a single picture of me all night, including the big Captain Book adventure that was the highlight of my night's events which drew 300-400 people clapping and cheering. What does that tell you about my work and about how I'm seen that nobody bothered to take even one picture of me. Whatever that stands for, that's what I'm upset about. I met an old woman outside the store who complimented me about my hard work and agreed to e-mail my wife the pictures she took. That's pathetic. I'd be more angry about that if it wasn't for my current state of extreme Potter drunkenness. I'm so sleep deprived from the party last night and then waking up this morning and taking care of the kids and then going to work and having a huge storytime that I'm literally drunk. That's how tired I am, I've gotten so little sleep that I'm totally sleep drunk. Potter drunk. It's horrible, being drunk without the drinking. It's horrible. But I'm sitting here in a lonely house eating food and drinking tall boys and watching the movie Crumb and waiting to be able to sleep. Once I sleep, my vacation begins. I'm going to sit down on the couch and sleep until friday. It's going to be great. I can't wait.

I was also on the news on friday night, me and Emerald. It's awesome.


johnmc. said...

Was that really "Save with Dave" that you had the kids yell or "Steve needs a raise"?

Reverend Steve said...


First it was Save with Dave but 560 summer school kids, 60% of them mexicans), can't say Save With Dave too well.

THEN I had them say Steve Needs A Raise.

I'm pretty sure the one they showed on tv was the Save With Dave one. You can just barely hear me START to tell the kids to say Steve Needs A Raise, though.