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Saturday, August 4, 2007

Another Drunk Galindo Post ...

... my parents came to work today to see me do storytime and buy me food and talk with me. It was amazingly comfortable. I felt like I actually talked with my parents like they were my friends instead of my parents. They also gave me $120 on two conditions ... one, that I buy Emerald a Disney princess pillow book. It's a full sized pillow and it's a ten page Disney picture book. Emerald threw her two pillows off her bed so that she could sleep on her new Disney pillow. Two, that I buy beer. My dad specifically told me I needed to have a cold one on him. Far be it from me to not listen to my father's advice.

So its 11:21 pm and we're playing our borrowed Wii and drinking like motherfuckers. We borrowed Natasha's brother's Wii while he was at his wife's cousin's funeral. It's been awesome playing the Wii and making Miis and playing Mario Party 8 and bowling with the kids. But they were supposed to come back tomorrow night and instead came a day early. You can tell Natasha is a bit upset we're losing our Wii. They WERE going to take it and go home and suddenly it's evolved into a hardcore drunk Wii party with myself, Natasha, her two brothers and Lauren playing Wii tennis and bowling while we all drink Molson Canadian, the best thing to come out of Canada this side of William Shatner, Labatt Blue and The Kids In The Hall.

That picture was taken during Smackdown. Batista was signing a contract to wrestle The Great Kahli at Summerslam. Emerald and Isabela were sitting together watching. Bela calls it "owwie" and Emerald really just watches to see the divas. But it's still pretty damn amazing, my kids watching wrestling every friday and listening to Beatles and watching Monty Python. Wow. Look at me. I'm a thirty year old father of two who walks around wearing hawaiian shirts and a hat that says "world's greatest dad" on it. I forget how awesome my life is. It's pretty damn good, all things considered. Sure I'm totally destitute and I'm eating ramen constantly but my life is pretty fucking cool.

Here. Here's a picture of SAINT Johnny Depp in costume as the title role of Tim Burton's upcoming movie "Sweeney Todd" which just so happens to be on my super top secret list of all time dream plays to do, right up there next to Jesus Christ Superstar and Pippin. This is one of my all top five all time favorite plays EVER and having Mr. Ed Wood himself Saint Depp playing the titular role is like an orgasm wrapped in chocolate and barbiturates. Here you go ...

Awesome as hell. things are awesome as hell.

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