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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Captain Book VS The Winner(s) Of The Create-A-Villain Contest ...

... Steve was about to announce the winners of the Create-A-Villain contest where for the past few months over 90 kids have been creating villains for the chance to see their creation come to life to fight the bookstore super hero. But before Steve could announce the winners, two evil villains burst into the children's section. One was named Dr. Dark and he was long winded and ostentatious. Dr. Dark was a ghost with firebomb powers and thunderbold kick and a lightening web catcher that threw people into another dimension. The other villain was named Bomit and he had bombs filled with vomit. Both villains used the big magic Mr. Steve box to make Dr. Borderz's evil oversized remote and the poetry of Matte Stepaneck appear and used them to freeze Mr. Steve and defeat Captain Book. But, getting cocky, they started making fun of former villain Ms. Know-It-All who just so happened to be in the kids section shopping for her nephew. She took the weapons away from the villains, allowing Captain Book to once again save the day.

Here are the pics ...

Next month, September 29th at 2:00 pm, is going to be our biggest and most epic Captain Book adventure yet. It's going to be the ultimate fight between Captain Book, the bookstore superhero, and his arch rival, the evil and sinister Dr. Borderz. (That's Borderz with a Z, no relation to the bookstore of similar name.) It's going to be the final ultimate battle. Will our hero finally be defeated? PLUS Captain Book's origin will be revealed once and for all.

And I've got three words for you: Captain Book's dad. The district manager for Barnes and Noble Inc. will be making a super special guest appearance as Captain Book's long lost dad. How we managed to get the district manager to play Captain Book's dad I still have no idea. (He said what we were doing was great and he wanted to be a part of it, not realizing that I would stubbornly call him on it repeatedly until he agreed.) But we got him and its all happening the last saturday of September at 2:00pm.

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Check out Dr. Borderz's official myspace page!

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