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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Hella Sleep On Wobbly Legs ...

... I got sleep.

I got hella sleep.

I woke up sometime around 11:00 this afternoon. Natasha's usually the one that gets to sleep in and I'm usually the one that has to take care of the kids by myself. I'm not angry, mind you. I'm happy to do it. It's just rare when the roles are reversed on my days off.

We might be going to the fair today with John. I say might because we were supposed to babysit Natasha's cousin's kids in the morning and then drop them off in the afternoon at their other, less professional, babysitter and then we were going to head off to the fair. But the other babysitter just up and disappeared, leaving us with the kids. The babysitter just recently texted the mom, saying that she had a doctor's appointment at 1:00 and that she thought she told her before. How ghetto is that? So now we're trapped with these kids and our fair-ing is in questioned.

That sucks. I could almost taste that block of fries.

I'm having a rough day today, a rough couple of days. For starters I had to go home early yesterday. My legs, they weren't working right. They were on fire, in pain, wobbly, and every step hurt like hell. Eventually I went home and laid down and cried. It was horrible. Now today my legs are fine. What the hell was all that about, then, huh?

And now I'm here taking care of the kids while Natasha lays down with Bela and I'm having a hard time trying to keep myself together. The kids are yelling at each other and fighting. I'm trying to get them to stop fighting but they're being brats and they're not listening and they're not caring at all about me. I reached my limit about a half an hour ago. I snapped. I yelled "STOP IT" as loud as I could at the kids, my face red. And if you've ever heard one of my storytimes you know I can scream LOUD, too. I scared the kids and I woke up Bela. Great. Now I feel like the worst parent in the world.

So afterwards when Emerald hit Deinna with a Barbie doll, I didn't yell. I had Emerald get out of her room and sit down on the couch until I told her she could go back and play, a time out I suppose. So Emerald laid on the couch in this fetal position and just cried and cried and cried. That hurt worse than waking Bela up.

I have a temper. I got it from my dad. Usually it just hides inside myself and never comes out. But once and a while when it DOES come out, it frightens me.

Here's some free music for your punk ass, courtesy of the got-tamn Wind Clan ...

Steve's iPod

Los Lonely Boys: Whatever Gets You Thru The Night (John Lennon)

Bedouin Soundclash: Walls Fall Down

Buckethead: Running From The Light

dj erb: Sexy Africa Lady (Toto VS Yung Berg)

Richard Cheese: Down With The Sickness

Perez Prado: Patricia

The Mike Flowers Pops: Wonderwall (lounge Oasis)

They Might Be Giants: Take Out The Trash

Emerald Galindo: Rock Lobster

Party Ben: Triple Freak Me Out (Beastie Boys VS Franz Ferdinand VS Chic)

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Anonymous said...

I'm sorry baby. I'm sorry that stupid bitch has ruined the only real family day we were going to have before Emerald goes back to school.

I love you and I feel like crying.