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Monday, August 13, 2007

A Song For The Trapped Miners ...

The Buoys: Timothy

"My stomach was full as it could be and nobody ever got around to finding ... Timothy"

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Out of all the web pages I've visited to learn more about this haunting song I've never seen one mention the fact that this wayward hit inexplicably found a second life and took off during the heyday of Napster in the late nineties. For some inexplicable reason this kooky and deeply morbid seventies cannibalism rock song struck some sort of chord with geeky twentysomethings using this new software revolution to steal free songs from their buddies. This song started getting passed on from computer to computer and probably became one of the first things on the internet that you could call "viral" way before people started using that annoying word.

I first heard this song on a cd that a follower of mine burned for me. I swear I probably listened to that song about twenty times before it clicked and I realized OH SNAP! This is about eating someone. That's a screwed up song, man. It's either one of most morbid songs you'll ever hear or its one of the stupidest song you'll ever hear. Either way you'll probably never forget it.

Here's some MORE non-cannibalism related Buoys songs. These are really hard to find. It's like pulling teeth to find a non-Timothy song by these guys. But I managed to find an album of theirs on cd. They had two or three songs after Timothy that made the top 100 charts, nothing as memorable as their ode to trapped miners, but I put some of their stuff on my iPod and I'm loving it. Their sound perfectly encapsulates what was good about seventies rock. Enjoy ...

Tell Me Where Heaven Is


Good Lovin'

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