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Friday, September 7, 2007

Can You Carry Me ...

... my family is totally loving our free gym membership.

Natasha's been working out like crazy and getting mad stares from the gym men on account of her curves bulging out of her tight workout clothes. Emerald and Deinna are loving the gym's huge kids section and their three story playset and their video games and their cool kids activities like kickball and soccer and dodgeball. And even little Bela loves the baby area. I assumed she'd be crying and screaming the whole time she was there but once we dropped her off she looked at all the babies, grabbed a toy phone, and climbed up onto a small play castle and pretended to call Pepe. Happy as hell.

I'm liking it, too, although not with the intense gun-ho attitude of the rest of the family. I like the sauna and the pool and I like the "idea" of working out. But it wasn't until I STARTED working out that I realized how out of shape I was. My body is just constantly sore now from working out an hour and a half every night with my wife.

Thank GAWD I've been working out, too. It's like I've had an underweight skinny young person's body throughout my teen years and when I was twenty and when I was twenty-four and twenty-five and throughout my twenties. It stayed the same. I was a skinny little kid with a young guy's body. Then the SECOND I turned thirty I suddenly had a little belly and love handles and little man boobs. I went from being a 125 lb. twentysomething to being a thirtysomething hisband and father of two who weighted almost 160 lbs. So thank gawd I'm working out. Suddenly I need it.

I could do without being sore, though. I think Natasha's getting tired of hearing me beg her to carry me around the house on account of how much my body hurts.

Here's a song I'm reposting for my dad. It's Los Lonely Boys singing John Lennon. I hope he likes it ...

Los Lonely Boys: Whatever Gets You Thru The Night

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