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Thursday, September 13, 2007

The Children Of The Corn ...

... if you're a regular reader of my sexy wife's livejournal then you probably have already heard of Natasha's cousin's four blond-haired, blue-eyed semi-terrors that we call the children of the corn.

Individually they are cute and harmless. Except for the youngest Stephen. He's the only boy and he's a literal demon hell child that was spawned from the devil and he gets into everything and doesn't listen. He acts just like a one year old and he can barely walk and talk, so it's a shock that he's three going on four. Personally we think he's mildly autistic but his mom's too stubborn to listen to us.

But I digress.

On their own these kids are cute and fairly sweet. They do no major damage individually. But put them together (and especially so when Emerald and Isabela and their cousin Deinna are around) and they are an A-bomb, a weapon of mass destruction, a plane headed straight into the goddamn twin towers. They're loud. They scream. They fight and run and it's an unstoppable force. It's a fucking hurricane and a flood of unmistakable volume.

They turn anywhere they go into their own New Orleans.

And somehow I've been tasked to take care of them today. I slept in a little bit, went to Bouncetown with Lance and Nathaniel and the girls, then came home and started to take care of the C.O.T.C. while Natasha took Em and Bela and Deinna to the dentists. That's where she's at now. I don't know how long they'll be or when they'll be back. I've been alone with these kids for a little over two hours now and it feels like its been a million years. Now I have a newfound respect for those brave poor black people who suffered through hurricane Katrina because I feel like hiding on the roof right now.

NATASHA JUST GOT HOME! Praise da lawd, praise da LAWD!!!

Here's some thank god Natasha's home music for your punk ass ...

The White Stripes: You Don't Know What Love Is (Just Do As You're Told)

Ben Kweller: Commerce, TX.

Dick Dale and his Deltones: Let's Go Trippin'

The Gothic Archies: How Do You Slow This Thing Down?

David Bowie: Modern Love

Gorillaz: Rock The House

Mos Def: Close Edge (studio version of the awesome song he did on Chapelle's Show)

Public Enemy: By The Time I Get to Arizona

Socialburn: The Leaving Song

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