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Thursday, September 13, 2007

New Seether Single Leaked Here First ...

... Seether is an amazing band. They rock hard but without the angry asshole white trash male posturing that comes with angry screamo metal. They have a conscious and a soul and a heart and in between their angry rock songs there's some incredibly beautiful ballads with an incredible deep soul and an amazing gift for songwriting.

I saw them live in 2003 and I'll never forget it. I went with The Little Her. No link there to former posts. Fuck, I've mentioned her like fifty times in this blog so go and search her your own damn self. Anyway, we were on a date. We were probably on our fourth attempt at being a couple. I believe this was just a few days before she broke up with me the fifth time. Ra and Socialburn opened up and I fell in love with them both and consider myself big fans of both bands to this day. We positioned ourselves at the bar, which was pretty cool. But the problem was this is Sacramento, cowtown capital of the damn state. There was a Sacramento Kings game on and, only in Sacramento, 1/6th of the damn audience was actually watching the stupid game and ended up cheering at random times for the Kings and not for the bands. Pissed me the fuck off. What pissed me off even more was that the Little Her wanted to hang out outside and smoke halfway thru Seether's set. So we smoked outside and ended up missing their song "Broken."

Seriously, I'll never forgive her for that shit. One of the best songs ever written in the history of the world and she made me miss it. FUCK! But all in all a great show. They even did an incredible cover of the Drowning Pool song Tear Away, which is one of my favorite angry songs of all time and a song I used to sing all time at karaoke, back when I was young and suicidal and drunk. I wish to GAWD that I had the recording of Seether singing that because his voice singing that song was absolutely amazing. Great ass show. It hurts me, though, that the image of Seether in my head will always be accompanied by The Little Her, which is why I pray they come back to Sacramento one day. They haven't since 2003. I hope and pray one day they come back so that I can see them again but THIS TIME with my wife. Hopefully one day ...

I'm a really big big BIG fan of theirs. There are more than one song of theirs that mean something very personal to me and will stay with me until the day I die. So, with that in mind, here's a big leak, the new single off their new album coming in October. Listen to it, get excited, and get ready to buy the crap out of this puppy ...

Fake It

And here's some more songs from Seether. Be sure to buy their new album that's scheduled to drop on October 23rd. Seriously, this shit is gonna be good ...

Love Her


Broken (acoustic)

Out Of My Way

Fade Away

You know ...

I post a lot of free mp3s here. THIS ONE, though, might be the one that finally gets me in trouble.

If it DOES and if this is somehow placed in the hands of record companies and lawyers, then PLEASE pass it along to the band that Sacramento, California REALLY wants another concert.



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