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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Lonely Day Random Stuff ...

... so here I am sick as all hell, dizzy from the boatload of medication that I have to take just to keep me upright, my side hurts like mad and I'm totally home alone. The girls both went to church at 8:30 this morning and won't be back for another 45 minutes and my wife Natasha is spending all weekend in San Francisco doing naughty Natasha-ey things. It's just me this weekend and that leaves me feeling very depressed and bitter and cranky and sick.

I was REALLY lonely last night and after the hell day that I had trying to pull together a Captain Book storytime without our main villain (which, once I get the pictures from Tami, will be a whole other post in and of itself) I told myself that I was going to go home and put the kids to bed and party my ass off, crank up my iPod and polish off a six pack and watch the bootleg dvds my brother got me and stay up until one or two in the morning.

Needless to say I feel asleep at 9pm, only fifteen minutes into Val Kilmer in "Top Secret."

So after trying (and failing) to clean up my crappy house, I decided earlier today to spend today, my much needed day off, doing my own thing. I never get to run off for a weekend. I never get to go to the store and buy whatever I want. But today I will. Today is my day.

Here are my darling girls before leaving for church ...

This is a picture Emerald took of me in the new Pirate Steve shirt that my mom bought me for storytime. She went looking for it with my brother Joe. There were two shirts they were mulling over, a cool looking one and a crappy looking overexaggerated one. I told her to go for the overexaggerated one because I was looking for laughs, not coolness ...

This is me hopping in my crappy ass car and going to Best Buy. I think I really look good in all denim ...

This is the pickle suit guy on the street corner ...

Here's a picture from the end of yesterday's makeshift successful Captain Book storytime, the end of which saw Captain Book and The Fabulous Fairy Princess Bubbles McSparkles taking pictures with all the kids. Extremely cute stuff and the coolest (and most stressful) storytime ever. The mental teflon feeling that came as a result lasted for about three hours and quickly vanished into exhaustion and depression ...

I ended up buying a $15 iTunes gift certificate and RENO 911: The Complete Fourth Season Uncensored as well as a KFC bowl that Emerald ate half of behind my back. I'm rocking my pirate shirt and chilling out with the kids, listening to sad paranoid bastard music, perfect for my lonely husband mood.

This is my 760th post. I've been posting on this blog for over five years. That's because I hardly have any friends.

Here's some free songs for you ...

Nirvana: Where Did You Sleep Last Night?

Beck: Asshole

Dashboard Confessional: Screaming Infidelities

Seether: Love Her

Townes Van Zandt: Waitin' Around To Die

Rhett Miller: Come Around

Ra: Walking and Talking

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