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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Explaining Sacramento, California's Obsessed Fanaticism With Basketball To My 5-Year-Old ...

... I had been telling Emerald for about a WEEK that she was going to stay up late on tuesday and wednesday, tuesday to see A Charlie Brown Christmas with me and on wednesday to see the premiere of A Very Merry Shrekmas featuring the original cast of Shrek in a brand new holiday special. I don't dig on holiday specials but I did when I was a kid and I LOOOOVE Charlie Brown holiday specials. Keeping Emerald up to watch the Halloween special was a big deal for me, as was the Thanksgiving special. Watching the Christmas special two days ago with both my girls on my lap really made me feel better, got me thru my depression and made me happy to be a father. And Emerald was very excited for last night's Shrek special.

But, because this is Sacramento, a town with only ONE major sports team that the whole town needlessly focuses too much on, they preempted the Shrek special to show a crappy Kings/Golden State Warriors game. Emerald was crushed. I had to explain to my crying five year old about sports interrupting television shows. I warned her that her precious Friday Nigh Smackdown constantly gets interrupted by baseball in the spring and summer and used the Kings as an example. We still let her stay up until 8:30 and even gave her ice cream but it still sucked. I shouldn't have to explain Sacramento's obsessed fanaticism with their one major team.

They're going to play the special this saturday night at 9:00pm. How horrible is that?

Here's some free music for your punk ass. If I were to get my emotions and turn them into music, then they would be the following songs. Wanna know how I feel? Then listen ...

WWE: Randy Orton Theme

Eels: I'm A Loser (Beatles)

The Beatles: Misery

The Hives: Puppet On A String

Queen: Under Pressure

Eels: Novacaine For The Soul

Jimi Hendrix: Manic Depression

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