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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Four Storytimes In One Week/Steve Is Awesome ...

... ours is a fickle USB port. Occasionally, a few hours a day, the mouse will work just fine as long as you're okay with interrupting your typing every twenty seconds with some serious cord giggling. My iPod hasn't been updating and I'm 98% certain that it's because of the USB port and not my crappy iPod. But I have a really good group of songs on there and I'm okay with having that frozen in time. Besides, I can't really download songs with my mouse not working anyway.

I've done three storytimes so far this week. I did a really good Todd Parr storytime on tuesday. I like Todd Parr stories because they're simple and easy and I get to mercilessly make fun of them. It's an easy storytime and I get to kinda kick back and just rip on the stories and talk with the kids and have fun. And almost all the moms were new moms who were really cracking up at my brand of storytelling.

Then tuesday night we went to the big two story Elk Grove California Family Fitness for storytime. I was really nervous because this is Elk Grove, the Scottsdale of Sacramento and I know from experience going to that gym that there are some serious businessmen and yuppies and strippers and hardcore upper class white folks. But things went swimmingly. I cranked up the energy since this was a gym, MY gym, and so I was running all over the stage and really making the kids jump and move and work. The employees, the same pimply faces teenagers we regularly leave our kids with, seemed really impressed that the funny looking mexican dad was such an ass-kicker.

Afterwards one of the kids slapped the shit out of me. Literally fucking walloped me. But that's a totally different post.

Wednesday morning on my day off I hyped a bookfair our store is doing for the Southpointe Christian Academy by doing a special religious storytime in front of the whole school. I was so incredibly nervous I was hyperventilating and almost shaking. It's nerve racking enough doing storytime in front of a whole school, let alone reading a religious jesus book in a crazy Steve way in front of a christian private school. But I did great and I was somehow able to be crazy and silly and loud and stupid and STILL read a book about Jesus and the bible. And then at the end they all prayed for me. HELLS YEAH! I got ups with da lawd!

So if you include my storytime on wednesday as work AND if you include the storytime I'll be doing this saturday on my day off for Emerald's birthday ... then I'm working ten days in a row and doing four storytimes in a single week.

Yeah. I'm awesome.

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johnmc. said...

Your USB ports should be no longer crappy. If they crap out again , let me know and I'll yell at your computer.