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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

My Flying Stomach ...

I went to the urgent care yesterday, Steve being the absolute king of urgent care. Anyway, you remember the pain I had in my stomach from eating an ultimate sirloin burger at 4am? Well, that wasn't all of it. The people at urgent care told me that I have a severe stomach virus and a buildup of toxins in my intestines. That explains my fever, my lack of appetite, my massive throbbing headache and the fact that for the past few days ive been doubled over in pain. So apparently the only way for me to feel better is for me to take a crapload of pills and drink this nasty ass powdery drink and wait a few days for this stuff to slowly and painfully flush the bad stuff out of my system. The bad part, though, is that the pills im taking wont work if taken with any kind of narcotic pain medication, so I cant take anything for my swollen throat or my fever or my massive throbbing headache. I just have to wait the pain out and hope I feel better soon.

It should be noted that our keyboard got coffee spilled on it courtesy of crazy Bela and as such the letters h and g and the apostrophe key aren't working. So during this post and the previous post any time you see an h or a g I put it there by copying and pasting the letters. Its a long and annoying process and I should totally get some sort of medal for posting under such difficult circumstances.

I may be deathly sick but that doesn't mean I don't rule.

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