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Sunday, January 20, 2008

A Well Balanced Breakfast ...

It's a sunday. The kids are at church, the wife is at work, and daddy is at home all alone hopped up on wicked throat meds. I have a sever throat infection, a severe nasal infection, and something wrong with my throat that my doctors don't know and can't identify. It might be something bad and it might be nothing. I'm trying not to freak out over it and just take my meds like a good boy. There's a throat med I'm taking, prometh-something, that's laced hardcore with codeine. Its a controlled substance and I had to show my I.D. and sign for it. It trips me out hardcore and stops me from coughing up my lungs. My throat is so bad that for the past few days Ive had coughing fits so bad that Ive almost blacked out. Thats not good.

Anyway, I'm home alone pretty much all day. The kids will be back around noon, so while I'm alone I'm eating a well balanced galindo family breakfast of coffee, popcorn, and rocky road ice cream. I'm also trying to finally finish watching the third Pirates of the Caribbean movie. I have a bootleg that ive never gotten around to finishing.

Does anyone else realize just how much Captain Barbossa looks like Elliot Smith?

I think I just dissed a dead guy. I guess im just not a hipster anymore.

Anyhoo, heres some free music for your punk ass ...

Elliott Smith: Happiness

Lupe Fiasco: Gold Watch

Eels: Hello Cruel World

Pink Floyd: Breathe in the Air

Ween: Baby Bitch

King Geedorah (MF Doom): I Wonder

Eels: Woman Driving, Man Sleeping

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Mrs. Galindo said...

wicked accurate. creepy.