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Monday, April 21, 2008

Beyond The Wall ...

I could have gone to sleep at 5am when the shitty ass Sacramento news came on. Or I could have gone to bet at 6am when Emerald woke up. Or I could have gone to bed at 7am when Isabela woke up crying and screaming. Or I could have gone to bed at 8am when Emerald finally went off to school. Hell, I could have gone to sleep once I walked into my house at four in the goddamn morning.

But somewhere between 7 and 8am, I passed the wall of sleep. I didn't mean to. it was an accident. But, sadly, I passed that damn wall a long ass time ago. It's gone. It's long gone. I can't even see sleep in my rear view mirror anymore. Sleep has left the building, gone, outta here, bye bye, see ya, buenos noches!

This was my eight inventory for the (BLANK) and (BLANK) corporation, eight obscenely late hours spent counting and counting and eating cold pizza and smoking and making sure that toothless carnie-rejects do their job propery.

But not once have I found myself in this position where suddenly my entire sleep pattern has been totally and completely

I don't know when I'm going to fall asleep. So I have a NEW plan: drink as much beer as I can until I pass out. It's almost 10am. I'm almost done with a 6-pack. And very little food. And yet I still stand. I feel strange, like some sort of caffeinated zombie version of myself. I'm a sad mash-up of myself.

So here's some awesome ass free mashups for your punk ass, courtesy of the STEVE CAN'T FUCKING SLEEP corporation ...

Aggro 1: Dirty Deeds Will Rock You

Steve Dirkx: Ringo Is A God On Acid

Party Ben: Rehab (I Can't help Myself)

Aggro 1: hey Man, Nice Music

Artie Fufkin: Been Caught Stealing Your Rump

Beastles (DJ bc): Sure-bla-di, Sure-bla-da

Party Ben: Wipeout Taffy

aggro 1: Falling Away In The Wind

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