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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Under The Knife ...

My wife snuck a dentist's appointment on my brown ass. My parents didn't particularly believe in doctors or dentists. They were of the "no blood, no doctor" variety. If it wasn't bleeding, then no doctor's visit for you. I honestly think that before today I hadn't seen the dentist since high school. And I'm 31 years old.

I have a number of teeth in the back of my mouth that will have to be removed. See, I have perfect teeth in the front of my mouth, the teeth that you can see on a smile, not that I've been doing too much of that recently. The back, however, are pretty damn bad. So bad in fact that I need to set up an appointment with an oral surgeon so that they can knock me out and surgically remove the bad ones in the back.

I'm scared. Like I don't have ENOUGH stress in my life what with my home life and money problems and Bela's insanely loud terrible twos and my new depression medicine causing mental problems and having to redo my whole department by myself. Now I have to get surgery. Great.

Here's some music for you. It's been a while.

Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings: Nobody's Baby

Ween: I'll Miss You

Emocapella: Enjoy Your Day (Alkaline Trio)

Eels: I'm Going To Stop Pretending That I Didn't Break Your Heart

Dryve: Heart Of This

The State: Porcupine Racetrack

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Anonymous said...

It's really no sweat. I had the oral surgery myself. The gas is pretty cool, if short lived (you're asleep after that). I felt little pain afterwards and think that any pain I DID feel was just an excuse to down some vicodin.

They took 6 back teeth out of me and it went so well that it convinced my ex-wife to go.

She had 8 teeth taken out and REALLY had no pain. She let me party up her vicodin.

Now, if ya wanna talk horror, let me tell ya about my vasectomy!!!!!!!

The Bunster!!!