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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Indiana Bela ...

I saw the first Indiana Jones movie at the UA theater by Metrocenter mall with my brother Joe on the day it came out. I was incredibly young. I remember the boulder and the spiders on the guy's back and I remember falling in love with Marion.

The second one I saw at the AMC theater inside Metrocenter with my brother and our cousins Tony and Eric. I remember liking Short Round, hating Willie, and being scarred for life by the heart removal and the monkey brains.

The third one I saw at Christown mall with my brother and my mom and my friend Alex Zamora. I remember crying at the end and being sad that there wouldn't be any other Indiana Jones movies.

The other day I wanted to watch the Temple of Doom. But Isabela was still awake and she wanted to watch Dora. I told her no and put on the second movie. It was 9:30pm and Bela stayed awake and watched THE WHOLE DAMN THING, every frame, and at 11:45 pm when it was all over she said "Daddy, NOW can I watch Dora?" I had to put it on for her, the little trooper, and she fell asleep after about ten minutes. Now my little two year old loves Indiana Jones!

I showed it to Emerald and Deinna, too, and they loved it. And now, this afternoon, me and Natasha and the three kids are heading down to catch the 3:45 pm showing of the new Indiana Jones.

And, the best part? My older brother Joe has flown in from Phoenix to see it with me and my kids. That means a LOT to me.

We're supposed to go out drinking tonight. We might, we might not. I've been sober for three weeks straight. I'm nervous, but excited all the same.

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