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Friday, May 9, 2008

More Random Stuff ...

I am not, repeat, NOT, a furry. I just have a thing for women dressed as bunny rabbits. It all stems from the first porno I ever saw. I was seven or eight. It was an old school "classy" porno from the seventies starring John Leslie. It was on Beta and in it he fucks this "teenage" (meaning 20ish) girl who just came from a costume party. She has while panties, white bra, the ears and a little fluffy tail. I was seven. It stuck.

I'm at home with the kids. And Deinna is staying the night, so its loud and crazy and loud and loud. Meanwhile my wife and some of her "work buddies" are getting ripped at a strip club. So I'm here sad and alone and SOBER with teeth that are killing me and the constant girlie yelling of three crazy girls having a slumber party. And Bela's pooping everywhere. Meanwhile my wife is having drinks with her sexy friends and they're checking out titties and getting sexy fucking lap dances. As you can imagine, it's hard not to be jealous.

I am a hard worker and an incredibly nice guy. I am in fact TOO hard of a worker and TOO nice of a guy and I feel as if a lot of people take advantage of that and I seem to be incapable of telling them to stop. I think that subconsciously I keep being nice in the hopes that i'll be rewarded, that people will say thank you and reward me somehow. But I also kinda know that that's not going to happo\en.

The open source software on THIS WEBSITE allows you to download ANY youtube video as an mp4 video that plays on your iPod for free. I downloaded a few MST3K shorts and some videos I made of the fam. Now I've given all that up for a major undertaking. I am downloading the Tim Burton movie Ed Wood onto my iPod. It's the first time I've tried in any way to download a whole movie. It's taken me all day. It's a pain in the ass but it's Ed Wood and therefore it'll be all worth it.

I just took a video of me and the kids. I uploaded it onto youtube. I'll post it later.

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