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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Top 5 Artists With The Most Songs On My iPod ...

5) Ween (26)

4) Green Day/Foxboro Hot Tubs (27)

3) The Beatles (29)

2) Frank Sinatra (30)

1) Eels (58)

And there's the standings in Steve's ever-changing iPod. Frank Sinatra comes out of nowhere to stop the rising Beatles. Ween drops a few spots and Eels loses a few songs but still keep their commanding lead. Does Frank have what it takes to finally overtake the music of Eels?

I'm happy about Sinatra's sudden presence in my top five. I'm all about old blue eyes right now. I think its because I've been wearing ties and hats to work. There's something about putting on nice pants and shiny black shoes and wearing expensive cologne and dressing all smart and professional that just brings out the Rat Pack in me. Fuck, I'd start drinking martinis if I wasn't sober.

I'm taking a new pill. I don't remember the name of it but it's usually used to calm down seizure victims when they feel like they're having an attack. I'm taking it on top of my generic Paxil to calm me down so I can stop my panic attacks and dizzy spells and moody super daddy freak outs. On any given day, I take about five different pills, not at the same time though because I don't want to Heath Ledger myself.

I've been sober from beer and alcohol for 55 days now. But now I have pill hangovers.

I'm going though a lot of shit but I'm pretty sure you don't have to worry about me.

I'm thinking of starting my own online tv show, maybe sometime this week.

But would anyone watch?

Comment if you're interested in watching my show.


Nomadic Aspiration said...

If it incorporates the wisdom of Woodism and is half as interesting/entertaining as your blog then yes, I'd watch every episode.

Anonymous said...

Fuck, yeah!!!!! I'd watch. What can I say? I'm a fan. Maybe a call in portion? Would you put it up on iTunes too?

The Bunster

Anonymous said...

I am so excited about this!! I have followed your blog forever now and to actually interact with you will be awesome!!