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Thursday, July 10, 2008

My "Straight Edge" Lifestyle ...

When C.M. Punk burst onto the WWE wrestling scene about two or so years ago I immediately did not like him. His punk lifestyle, loud punk theme music, and his endless tattoos were something that, as a man about to burst into his thirties, I was not interested in. He also constantly proclaims that he's "straight edge," a term I was unfamiliar with until Nikara moved back to Sacramento from Iowa where according to her practically everyone was very heavily "straight edge" meaning drug free and alcohol free. That was another reason I didn't like C.M. Punk. He was straight edge and I was a drunk. I didn't like the punked out "straight edge" Punk.

Then C.M. Punk wasn't given any push by WWE and sunk down into the midcard level, wrestling scrubs in matches no one cared about.

Then, out of nowhere, he won a Money In The Bank match at Wrestlemania, meaning that he won a briefcase containing a contract for a match against the heavyweight championship of his choice. And that match could be anytime and anywhere.

Then, in no way related to the previous events, I became sober. I slimmed down, started wearing ties and belts, and found myself looking more adult, acting more mature, and, whether I liked it or not, I became "straight edge."

Then, four months after Wrestlemania and about a week and a half ago, Edge came to Monday Night Raw to mock announcer Jim Ross and got a surprise beatdown courtesy of his old rival Batista.

And then ...

Former midcard bit player C.M. Punk is now the World Heavyweight Champion.

I never wanted to be drug free and alcohol free. The drugs I hardly touched save the occasional puff of a joint but I never felt like leaving my drinking behind forever. But I have. I've been sober for 64 days now. And whether I like it or not, I'm straight edge. Just like C.M. Punk.

I'm happy for the guy. And excited. FINALLY the WWE is shaking things up WITHOUT having to resort to giving away money.


Anonymous said...

I've just recently started watching wrestling again when my girlfriend bought a pair of rabbit ears (no cable us) and caught smackdown. From there, I d/loaded some shows to catch up. I find I enjoy tna more than wwe. It's a lot goofier. Over the top storylines.

The Bunster

Anonymous said...

if you like sex, eating meat, and having fun in general then you are not straight edge. straight edgers are somewhere between neo-nazis and christian fundamentalists: fanatical, preachy, and determined to force their lifestyle on everyone else because it is "superior." being sober is one thing (a commendable thing) but please, please, please, never become straight edge.