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Monday, July 21, 2008

Post #850: A Store Full Of Myself ...

I did my usual crazy storytime last saturday for about 30 kids. It was a full hour of nonstop crazy manic Mr. Steve, who the kids just love. It was extremely crazy. My storytimes have recently been getting weirder and weirder lately. The Pigeon from Don't Let The Pigeon Drive The Bus showed up and pecked me in the face. He's a regular character and the kids love to see me get pecked. Also, a massive full sized Peter Rabbit showed up and we almost got into a fight, setting the stage WWE-style for our big wrestling match storytime on August 2nd which I'm looking at as my pay-per-view. The kids are excited that I'm going to be actually fighting a real life classical literary character. The parents can't believe we're serious. We're calling it THE RUMBLE IN THE BRIER PATCH. How awesome is that? And then we all lay down on our faces for about ten minutes. It was about an hour and five minutes of just absolute loud insane craziness.

afterwards, because of bad scheduling, I immediately had to run the kids craft club, another hour of loud, messy craft-related madness that usually I don't do because I'm not crafty. Also, doing another hour right after the marathon of storytime is incredibly hard. Plus, I know jack about crafts.

So for the craft club I set up this great pirate craft. You color this paper drawing of a pirate bandanna and an eye patch, cut them both out, then punch holes in them and use string to turn your colorings into something you could wear like a real pirate. It was pretty awesome and I even printed coloring pages for kids who might be too young. I thought of everything. And, as a joke, I drew a Charlie Brown-esque drawings of MYSELF and turned that into Mr. Steve masks.

As a joke, you know? I didn't expect what happened.

A store full of me. Pretty cool.

Also, there's my numbers. In March my numbers were down. My department was ranked #97th in the region. So I straightened up, worked hard, worked hands on with my employees, handsold more, spearheaded some great ideas, redid most sections within my department, worked more with managers, and above all I started wearing ties and belts. We just got the numbers in for June ...

I went from 97th to 13th in only three months. It's quite a remarkable feat. I post about this here on my blog because no managers at work, save Tami, seem to care too much about it or want to make a big deal about it. That's why I'm putting it here. It's pretty cool.

This is my 850th post in six years. That's awesome. Hooray for me. I have some mental problems. I'm very manic. at times I'm shy and quiet and reserved and at times I'm frightened and at times I'm angry and want to punch my fist thru a wall and at times I'm the crazy manic energetic Mr. Steve that the storytime kids know. But mostly I'm a bit reserved and shut in. What I'm saying is I don't have a lot of friends. I don't open up enough to have people I can call or go to the movies with.

That's why there's 850 posts on this blog. This blog is my imaginary friend. Thanks for reading it.

Here's some free music for your punk ass ...

MC Serch: Here It Comes

Eels: Guest List

Perry Como: Magic Moments

The Format: Compromise (acoustic)

Barenaked Ladies: Raisins

Beck: Gamma Rays

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Anonymous said...

CONGRATS on both work and your number of blogs I know I have enjoyed them being that I am a bit of a shut-in myself lol!!!!