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Monday, August 4, 2008

The 2008 Midnight Prom ...

Our store's big Midnight Prom for the release of the last Stephenie Meyer book in the Twilight series was a huge success. I estimate there were about 150 to 200 people there listening to music and hanging out and dancing and talking. I was personally worried that there was going to be a lot of anger and negativity with over a hundred Hot Topic fans but there wasn't any problems at all. They were all nice and kind and they hung on my every word. Furthermore I was worried that my strange type of storytime style wasn't going to translate well with teenagers and twentysomething goth punk types but they loved me, partially because of how awesome I am and partially due to my penchant for giving away free stuff randomly to everyone I saw.

The day afterwards I wrestled Peter Rabbit in front of one of the biggest storytime audiences I've ever had. There were about 30 kids but an insane number of adults, I would say around 40. I was worried that A) I wouldn't get a big turnout, B) kids wouldn't "get" the whole "wrestling my rival Peter Rabbit" angle, C) parents would object to me fighting a beloved children's character, and D) that I didn't have it in me to do a big, physically draining storytime only mere hours after staying up until crazy o'clock selling vampire books. But it all went well and the kids LOVED the shirt, shorts and long johns A LA Andy Kauffman wrestling Jerry Lawler-type wrestling outfit that I wore for the special occasion.

It was great and awesome and silly and stupid and funny. It added to the mystique and the mythology of "Mister Steve" and it's one of my all time favorite storytimes. This October will mark my 8th year with this company and my 5th year of doing storytime for the kiddies. And this is one of my top three favorite storytimes I've ever done.

I don't have any pictures of my wrestling event right now but I will in about two weeks. Until then here's another picture from the prom.

I've been stressing my ASS off trying to survive this past week of nonstop working. I had to change all the endcaps, take down and set up a huge octagon table, I had visual merchandising changes I needed to do, I had to set up a prom all by myself, I had a HUGE storytime, and I had NO days off. No wonder I wanted to get drunk and grate my flesh off.

Now I have a day off but sadly that means that I have to spend a huge percentage of my day taking care of screaming children and cleaning up this house. No rest for the reverend, I guess. I just need to take deep breaths and take all my meds and hope I don't go nucking futs.

Wish me luck.

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