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Monday, August 25, 2008

I've Been Cleared For Landing ...

Back to the doctor today to check on my super staph. I was worried they would cut me up like they did the last two times, so I made sure I downed some vicodin before we went down there.

The results were great. No need to cut my leg up a third time. My leg is starting to heal. Apparently after almost a year of bad health my body is starting to get a bit of fight in it. I don't really need my crutches anymore unless I overdo it. It's still bleeding out puss but not too much. Its sore as hell and stings and I occasionally have to pop a pain pill or two but other than that as long as I take it easy these next few days then I should be good to go back to work this friday.

Plus my doc doubled the dose on my happy pills, so hopefully by friday I'll be good to go. I'm happy as hell to be going back to work.

My doc told me that since my life consists solely of going to work and then going home that a good way for me to lower my stress levels and possibly stop cutting is to spend a half hour or maybe an hour AFTER work but BEFORE going home to just go somewhere and do something I like. Alone.

And that sounds like absolute heaven to me.

So after work on friday I'm going to the Century Theaters by my work and asking whoever is working the ticket booth if I can come in and play pinball. I love pinball so damn much. A few examples ... 1/2. I played an insane amount of pinball when I was in college. I would ditch classes just so I could play pinball at the union. Playing pinball alone over at Arizona State made me feel so happy.

It might sound silly. But I'm really hoping that putting down a few bucks to play the silver ball will help me out a lot.

Plus maybe I'll sneak into a movie. You never know.

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