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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Random Pictures Before She Leaves ...

The girl with the red hair is my new girlfriend Chloe. She's four years old and she came to my storytime for the first time yesterday. Surprisingly, even though it was her first time at one of my storytimes, about ten minutes into it she was gushing about how much she was in love with me and cared for me. And when she left she gave me the biggest hug and even a kiss. Chloe. She loves me.

Emerald and Isabela hiding behind a rack of clothes at Target.

Maybe the kids watch TOO MUCH wrestling ...

Isabela took this picture of her sister. I find it fairly artistic ...

When Kenton, AKA the "Golden Age" Captain Book, had his last day and his last storytime as Captain Book, he hung up his mask on the storytime sign. I don't even think he thought about it. He just hung it up there and left. I saw it hanging there and it reminded me of when Superman died, that drawing of his cape flapping in the wind. So I taped it there and now there it stays as a reminder of the original Captain Book.

My wife is leaving again, leaving tomorrow morning for about four days. It comes at a rather rough time for me. I love my wife and I love my kids and I love my job and all that but deep down inside I really fucking hate myself and I don't know why. This is one of the reasons, the main one really, why I think I'm bipolar or manic depressive because this is how I've felt about myself for a LONG time but within the last ten months its really come up to the surface. I hate myself and think I should be punished. I'm in a "drink to get fucked up" sort of mood but I've been sober for well over three months, so drinking is out. I'm just a bit fragile right now and the last thing I need is time to myself.

Oh well. Wish me luck.


Anonymous said...

Again, dude, you can email me whenever you want. I'll float you my phone number as soon as I get home as well. Keeps sounding like you really need someone to talk to and I am here for you.

The Bunster

Anonymous said...

I'm here for you Steve!

Your sister-in-law,