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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Further Treatment ...

Sunday and Monday off again. Further treatment, that's what my doctor says. It's my two consecutive days off to try not to go insane.

So here's what my day has been so far ... a nice cup of coffee, a handful of happy pills, an hour of porn, and that's pretty much been my morning until "the gang" returned from church. I confronted the wife a few weeks back and told her that although I totally supported her volunteering at church I HATED going with her every sunday. It made me uncomfortable and I put my foot down and told her I didn't want to go. So now sundays are MY days.

Jen and her two kids are spending the weekend with us. Shayla is older and a bit of a brat but her two intense diamond blue eyes can just cut you right open. Then there's Danielle, who pouted her way thru Bela's impromptu mall piercing birthday. Jen herself has gone thru a lot and has come out on top. She's nice, warm, funny and altogether cool to hang out with. Plus she's got huge honkin' boobies. They're very nice.

I've just been hanging out, typing, getting music from and drinking coffee. Doing nothing. Listening to mellow jams and thinking about pinball.

Here's to laid back times.

G Love: Crumble

G Love: Still Hangin' Around

G Love and Special Sauce: Free At Last

G Love and Special Sauce: My Baby's Got Sauce

G Love and Special Sauce: Soft and Sweet

G Love featuring Tristan Prettyman: Beautiful

John Lennon: Real Love (full version)

John Lennon: Only You

John Lennon: Look At Me (demo)

Party Ben: Drop It Like It's A Whole Lotta Love

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