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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

My Love Of Pinball ...

As anyone who has read my blog before could tell you, I hold some sort of affinity for pinball. And since my doctor suggested I spend an hour between work and home doing something that I love, I have decided to add more silver balls into my life. I've had three days back to work so far. And I've spent two of those days asking nicely and being let into the Century Theaters to play pinball.

They have two pinball games. That's not a lot in the grand scheme of things, not a lot of choices, however the two games that they have are absolutely AWESOME games. We're talking about Pirates of the Caribbean and Spider-Man, two of the coolest pinball games ever. They're not classics but they're tough without being too difficult and they're both filled with so many different nuances that playing them regularly you can discover so many different and amazing things.

I decided almost immediately that my new life's mission was to get my initials on one of these machines.

I played $5 worth of games the first day and almost immediately I realized that I was mediocre at Johnny Depp's game but I kicked ASS at Tobey Maguire's game. Spider-Man soon became my pinball game of choice. Soon my mission changed from getting initials on a board to getting initials up on Spidey's board.

Yesterday I wasn't going to go play the balls. I only had one dollar. But I said what the hell and went. On the first fifty cents I got a free game because I had such a high score. Plus, it finally happened. I got my name on the board, but not because of a high score. See, I tried and tried and tried to get on that high score table without even thinking for one second that a high score isn't the ONLY way to get on the board ...

I'm now the best combo champion. I had a double 7-way.

I could use that as a link to talk about my sex life, but I won't.

I am incredibly proud of my pinball skills. I feel silly but it's the truth.

I'm a pinball wizard. I have such a supple wrist.


Anonymous said...

Good on you Rev!!! And I thought a double 7-way sounded sexy too.

The Bunster

Reverend Steve said...

i gots skeeelz

playas be hatin