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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Steve's Pinball Treatment ...

Me on my way to the movie theater. The earbud in my right ear is for my bluetooth and in NO WAY is my iPod blaring happy music to pump up my spirits after a hard day of work.

Me outside the theater. Somehow my nice work outfit has transmographied into a hip seventies disco costume, not that I mind.

Me at my pinball game of choice. I feel vaguely silly saying that, but its the truth. Heads usually spin when I ask the ticket guy in my suit and tie if I can just come in for pinball. They always let me in, though. They hook me up.

By the way, my double 7-way combo record still stands.

My pinball treatment has been good. It's been nice to have someplace to go to that's not just work and home. I mean, even if its just to play pinball alone at least I have a place that's all mine that I can say I go to. Fuck, I'd go to a bar if I wasn't four months sober. Two dollars gets you five games. But with my latino heat pinball skeelz I can easily turn those five games into seven or eight games. That's how good I am at this game. I've played it so much that I KNOW it now. I know the mechanics of it, the board layout, the various mini-games and how they work. Now all I need to do is better my aim and my flipper work and soon I will OWN the board.

Yessssss. My pinball powers are growing. Soon I will be able to crush the rebellion and take my rightful place as emperor. Blood will flow, my friends. Oh yes.

Sorry. Had an evil aside there.

Feeling okay. My leg is getting better, I'm getting used to the pills, I hardly cut myself. Things are on the mend. So here is some free music for your punk ass straight from the got-tamn Wind Clan Pinball Krew, straight UP ...

Green Day: Warning

Kepi Ghoulie: Stormy Weather

The Busters: Wish You Were Here (rare ska cover)

I Hate Kate: It's You

Goldfinger: Free Me

Green Day: Westbound Sign

The Porkers: Burning Love (rare ska cover)

Eagles of Death Metal: I Want You So Hard


Anonymous said...

I'm glad the pinball is working for you. It's good to have some time for yourself with something you enjoy, but we have to do something about this drinking problem of yours.

Anonymous said... was me...the bunster...guess I'm, wait...I'm at work...I can't be drunk. A drunk flashback?


Groove on, Pope of Woodism,
Moi shall soon take moi's "Well, the massive heart attack didn't kill him, the quintuple heart
by-pass didn't kill him, heck.....let's give him some pills" pill.

Woodness be with Thee
groovin' safari,