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Friday, October 3, 2008

Early Morning Random Stuff ...

I usually wake up between 5:45 am and 6. I get on the computer, feed my dirty mind, and then wake up the kids. It's always a pleasure waking up the kids, although it's not always easy waking up the kids. I pretty much work everyday from 10 to 6:30 now, which means that, unlike before, now that I can get Emerald to school and spend time with Isabela before I start getting ready for work. This morning, though, Isabela touched the coffee machine and got burned by a handful of boiling hot coffee. Not good. But still, my mornings are usually filled with love.

Here's some random stuff for you ...

Andy Kaufman was a genius. He wasn't "funny" (with finger quotes). Instead, he pushed the boundaries of comedy.

Here's a perfect example. here in this rare video Andy does his laundry and then sings a song from the Music Man. Not funny to everyone but hilarious as all fuck to me ...

I seemed to have misplaced my iPod.

My brain is telling me kill yourself, you lost your iPod! That's how much I listen to my iPod.

I will try not to kill myself.

By the way, the scar I have on my right hand? I didn't do that one. Cut by a plastic waterfall display at work. I should sue their punk asses.

I've been watching a lot of american movies on the spanish channel lately. This is one I caught a few days ago. It features a number of scenes with Jean Claude disguised as a jew. And there's a scene where a cop punches a hassidic jew. So if you hate jews then this is the movie for you ...

This is a new song by Grand Buffet. I've talked about them before. they're the greatest white rap group that Pennsylvania has to offer. "It's time to reacquaint yourself with this heavy shit! We're doing that rap rock shit right!"

This is one heavy ass song.

Grand Buffet: Find the Cat

I talked to my parents five or six times yesterday. In fact, I even missed an all new episode of My Name Is Earl so that I could talk with my dad. It was as if we were best friends. I've said that numerous times about my mom but never with my dad.

It felt pretty damn good.

Here's a picture of four generations of my family. My kids, me, my mom, and my grandparents. My grandfather, who is in his nineties, is smiling because Isabela is pulling the shit out of his hair ...

Well, that's about it. Nearing post 900 around here. Pretty damn incredible if you ask me.

Another day of being overworked ahead of me. I've worked 3 of the 9 days I have to work in order to get Woodmas off. Wish me luck. Death to shooshers.

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