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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Sick Steve Saves The Day ...

On tuesday I crawled into work with the BIGGEST stomach ache I've ever had. I was dizzy, my stomach was flip flopping, and I was coughing up bile every minute or so, feeling like I was seconds away from vomiting like mad. I was in tears as I walked in to work, literal tears because I was in so much pain. They let me do storytime and then sent me home. Somehow I was heartbroken.

When I got home I took my temperature. I was 101.2 degrees. I was incredibly hot, burning up. It was hideous. I felt like dying.

That's why I called in sick yesterday. I have no sick time left so I really didn't want to call in. but I did it so that I could get some rest, some medicine, some sleep and try to get better.

It was going to be a nice, relaxing sick day off.

Meanwhile, my wife was working in San Jose. But then a tanker exploded on the main freeway between San Jose and Sacramento and since Natasha's ride decided in the early hours of the morning to go visit her mother's house, Natasha found herself stuck in a strange city she didn't know.

OH NO! How would she ever get home?

And that's how I, Steve, sick as a drunken donkey ...

... somehow manages to drive the four hour LONG WAY from Sacramento, California thru San Francisco and straight into San Jose to save my stranded wife.

That's how awesome I am. Even sick I still save the day.

Here are my pics ...

Me driving onto the Bay bridge for the first time. No sweat for sick Steve, though ...

What was mean to be an awesome picture of the San Francisco bay turned into a picture of how fucking dirty my window is ...

I got tired so Bela and I stopped at a Starbucks. She ran around and I tried to wake up. she was a perfectly quiet, kind, well behaved girl for the whole trip ...

We picked Natasha up in the lobby, which had a small aviary for some hoity-toity reason.

"OOH, look at US, we're a FANCY hotel, we have an AVIARY!"

Isabela seemed to like it, though. here's a failed picture of some of the birds ...

I feel bad for so many of my pictures being FAILs. I mean, I WAS sick!

And THEN, my once I got home I had to RUSH to get dressed so that I could, rare moment, meet my BROTHER and my FATHER at a BAR by my work. It was my older brother's birthday and he's spending it in Sacramento. It's so rare that I get a chance to see either of them, so it was a real treat.

Here's a dark picture of my dad from last night ...

So that was my yesaterday. I was sick but instead of rest I went on an incredibly long road trip, drove thru San Francisco, visited an aviary, saved my damsel in distress, and went out (and didn't drink) with my father and brother.

Oh, and one of the car's tired exploded right outside of Fairfield.

What a crazy ass day.

Today I go back to work. Deep breath. Wish me luck. LOTS of it.

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