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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Morning Worries ...

I'm worried that we won't go to Vegas for my vacation in two weeks. I've worked my ass off and haven't had a proper vacation for about three years. I'm trying not to get excited about going to Vegas for a handful of days with two sexxxy girls, cruising down the strip, doing whatever I want, drinking root beer and seeing the cheesy sights and playing some of the world's greatest pinball games from some of the world's best arcades. No kids screaming in my ear, no worries, no bills, no managers making me cover breaks. Just me and the city of sin and (probably) some hot sex with two sexxxy women. But most of all it would be just me alone exploring Vegas and doing my thing. NOT TO MENTION the Pinball Hall of Fame. I'd want to spend a WHOLE DAY THERE all by myself, just me and the pinball machines.

That's heaven to me.

But I'm NOT excited about it.

Because it would be just like me to get excited and then not go. I feel like I always get my hopes crushed. And I don't want to get crushed. So I'm not getting excited about this. I'm purposefully not getting excited. I'm worried I'm going to get my heart broken again.

I'm also worried the republicans are going to try and use a bullshit smoke screen to steal the election away from Obama just like they did with Gore.

I'm just a big brown ball of worry.

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La Roo said...

All I can say for now is wow!
I need to come back a finish reading your blog.
I like what you have to say.
Take Care.