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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Work Legs Drama ...

Last friday was hell on earth. The sheer amount of foot traffic in our store was absolutely crazy. I came home feeling more exhausted than ever before.

And yet yesterday was fairly dead. Talk about worrisome. It should have been crazy as hell but it just felt like a boring thursday. There were hardly any people. Sure the MALL was like Iraq but in our store it was boring and blah.

Hopefully people will calm down and come back in to our store after all the stupid sales are done.

My legs hurt, though. That's something else.

After a typical day of work my legs will become weak and throbbing with pain. It feels like my legs are dead. I usually limp my way to the car, occasionally fighting off tears of pain, and crash at home with no energy at all to do anything.

My doctor says that it could be a number of things that's wrong with me and listed off all the things it might be, including the early stages of muscle degeneration. I hope it's not that because my older brother is currently wrestling with spinal degeneration. I keep hearing about how his body is kicking his ass and I worry. He can;t stand for over fine minutes at a time.

I worry that that's what's in store for me in my future.

There's so much drama surrounding me right now. I am a planet and I have several moons orbiting me. It's all dirty and it's all nasty and it's all sex, too. Crazy stuff, the sort of drama I could never talk about here on my blog.

Believe me, I would love to tell you about it. I want to share this with someone, ANYone!

But I really don't have anyone right now.

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