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Monday, December 29, 2008

Our New Cat Is Stuck In The Tree ...

I've got a few problems ...

My asthma is intensifying. I'm using my breathing machine 3 times a day and I'm almost out of the albuterol sulfate refills. I'm also almost out of ALL my medications. And I don't know if we can afford refills.

My doc prescribed this super inhaler medicine that's apparently supposed to fix me and end all my asthma problems. But it's forty bucks! I can't afford that.

I COULD have afforded that during Christmastime when I had a few hundred in my pocket. But all that cash went to making sure my kids and my wife got the Christmas I wanted them to have. Sure we had gifts. But I wanted what i used to have when I was growing up. We always had one BIG gift, one big thing that made that Christmas stick out.

I spent all that money I had trying to obtain some sort of perfect Christmas. And now I can't breathe.

I also don't have a phone anymore. I can't afford to pay the bill. So if my mom and dad are reading this, sorry I haven't called.

Plus I think I'm getting sick. I'm coughing up chunks of stuff and my nose has been on fire for the past two days.

Other than that, though, things are fairly happy at the Galindo house. We had a great Christmas. I got some awesome new video games I'm slowly starting to play so as not to go completely nutzo obsessed crazy like my wife gets. Lance got me and the fam a $25 Barnes and Noble gift card which I used to order two crappy old school Godzilla dvds. Should be here in a week. Plus the Dr. Horrible dvd should be here today or tomorrow. so we're excited about that.

We have no money to go out and do things as a family. So we just stay home. We watch cartoons and crappy movies and play games and listen to music on my new kick ass iPod speakers and generally just hang out and enjoy each others company.

We're a family in a plastic bubble.

As long as we stay in then the rest of the world can't get us.

But I fuckin' go back to work today. Another long, hard day of endless work and endless criticism with no respect, no thank you, no recognition of how awesome I truly am.


The White Stripes: Apple Blossom

Goldfinger: Tell Me

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Anonymous said...

I feel ya brother. There were no presents or tree or anything like that here...And I had my 'net service cut off. Have to do everything from work when I can. Oh, and we're flat broke, so I can't have milk in my coffee until next pay day. But I do have my health.

Don't take this like I'm trying to one up you. I don't think I could. I'm just trying to let you know that yer not alone.

- Dream or die.

- The Bunster

P.S. My latest screenplay will be ready for market in the next couple of weeks. So, I have something like a glimmer of a hope for the coming year.