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Friday, December 5, 2008

Various Random Whatnots ...

-Emerald won student of the month last friday. I got ready for work super early so that I could go to see her win. I didn't tell her, though, and I timed it perfectly. I walked in and walked down the aisle once she called her name. She won a certificate, a pizza lunch with her super awesome principal, and lunch at Mimi's cafe, which is the sort of restaurant that female overweight, cat-loving substitute teachers love.

-There's nothing like pills with your morning coffee. I bought new coffee last night. Mild Breakfast Blend. Perfect with a handful of mind-numbing medications.

-Emerald has a password she liked to pretend to use to get into her room. I won't tell you what it is because that would be a major security breach. But I'll tell you that it used to be PONY.

-If you want to know what to get me for x-mas, here it is ...

-This is my 945th post since 2002. I have absolutely no life whatsoever.

-I can't stress enough just how A-MAZE-ING is. Everyone should be going there and watching roughly 1/3rd of what they have. It's a website tied to Vice magazine, some sort of zine that I had never heard of until a copy of the book Vice Dos and Don't fell on my lap. I've never read a damn thing in their mag but their website Dos and Don'ts are hilarious and their tv shows on are amazing. Isabela loves The Cute Show, their Guide to Sex has eel porn and an amazing miniseries on donkey sex, and their visit to North Korea made me frightened. Go check it all out. It's mind-blowing.

-I called in sick today. Don't think it's anything major. I just feel sick. I think my wife is going to be "working" today. usually I would be fraught with doubt about this. Not today. We are disgustingly broke. We have so little money. I hardly eat. We barely have money for gas. This christmas is looking mighty bleak financially. So she can work all she wants, as long as when she's done she has cash. I don't know if anyone understands.

-We're taking care of Brittney this month. She's the best ...

... and Isabela is in love with her. Em's at school so for the day Brit is here with Isaberla. And it's so amazing how they interact. During the day they play house and they hold hands and Brit even holds bela sometimes. She really loves her. It's so sweet it's just sick.

-Since I'm home I'm going to try and clean. Wish me luck.


Gwen L. said...

Steve, the kids and I are in the same boat for Christmas. I've told them that this Christmas is going to be on the modest side, and that I won't be able to do much for them as far as presents go. That we'd have a few small gifts, a tree, I'd make something nice for dinner, and we'd spend a really good day together.

You know what? They're fine with it. Your kids will be too as long as you make the day fun.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Vice, have you seen their documentary "Heavy Metal in Bagdad"? It's out on dvd and I would highly recommend it. It's the sad, inspiring, and gripping tale of Iraq's only metal band and how the war has affect their lives. Honestly, I always took for granted being able to buy cheesy metal shirts at the mall until I saw this documentary...

Tony D. said...

Cousin Tony here. I was fucking around on youtube (as usual) and I came across this video that reminded me of you, Joe, and many Christmases past. Hope you're doing well...Enjoy!

Reverend Steve said...

Tony: PUNISH!!!

I haven't seen the Heavy Metal in Bagdad but I want to.

And yeah, I need to have a sit down with the girls. Thanks, Gwen.