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Monday, January 19, 2009

Sitting At A Cafe Wearing Sunglasses ...

Guess where I might be going in September?

A film festival in Barcelona, Spain wants to fly me there so that I can give a lecture about Ed Wood and his importance. Their film festival is coinciding with the fiftieth anniversary of Ed Wood's Plan 9 from Outer Space and there's going to be a museum of Ed Wood memorabilia on display there and, hopefully, me as the keynote speaker.

Me? And Natasha? Traveling to SPAIN?

Shit, bitch, it's a big trip if I go to motherfucking Walmart! I don't travel. Period. The farthest I ever traveled is New York City and that was when I was a youngling. I don't travel. At all.

Me going to Spain?

I'm trying not to get my hopes up. So me and Spain? Right now that's just a silly pipe dream. See, for better or worse my mother and father taught me since I was a young kid to always expect the worse in everything that I did. I always expected failure. That way, when I had even the smallest of wins, it was a bigger win for me because I was prepared for hell. So I don't want to get my hopes up, like when that documentary company in Bulgaria said they were going to interview me and it went bust. I don't want to get burned again like that again and get all excited for nothing.

But in my mind I'm sitting outside at a cafe overlooking some river and some guitar is playing. And I'm wearing sunglasses and drinking. And my wife is there looking all sexy. And we're not talking. We're looking at each other and smiling.

That's my dream.


Anonymous said...


I'm Abel and I'm pretty glad you're so excited abou it, I promise we'll do our fucking best not to disapoint your hopes, so we'll all enjoy the experience.

By the way, there's not such a thing as a bloody river in the middle of the city, but there are plenty of things to visit, and as we'd like you to stay longer than the fest lasts, we could go to the Cinema Museum in Girona, another city from Catalonia.

The Fest is not in Barcelona, but our city is 15 minutes from the city centre and, from there, we would love to show you the city (one of the pictures is Plaza Real, which is one of the favourites places of some volunteers, and it's really close to the most interesting places to visit, from my point of view).

It's obvious we are all a bunch of perverts, so you could also visit the Erotic Museum in Las Ramblas!!!

Let's keep our fingers crossed that everything goes fine!!! We're giving a pint of blood for it everyday!!

Reverend Steve said...

OH MY GOD this is going to be so fucking AWESOME!!!!!

Reverend Steve said...


Reverend Steve said...


Reverend Steve said...

(pause for effect)

Reverend Steve said...



This is truly wondrous, Pope of Woodism.

Glory be to Thee and Thine upon this road to roux inns (And other fine European eateries), may it ever be too cool.

Woodness be with Thee
Groovin’ (European) safari,

JohnnyTieugi said...

I am so excited for you. I've missed seeing you write about Wood.

Anonymous said...

In Wood, we trust.

The Bunster