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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Steve VS Giant Bear ...

Last saturday Mr. Steve was scheduled to have bear storytime. And it was advertised that Steve would actually wrestle a giant bear. A big crowd turned out. A few adults even showed up, asking "Dood, you actually like wrasslin a bear?"

Steve started storytime in a wrestling "outfit" inspired by his favorite wrestler Andy Kaufman. His tie became his war bandanna.

At the end of storytime, Mr. Steve put on what he THOUGHT was a Superman cape but turned out to be a Wonder Woman cape. After a few false starts with some very small bear dolls, Steve found a pair of keys that opened up the two doors behind the stage. Which door had a bear in it?

It was the other one.

The 35 kids in attendance were so excited, plus the interactivity of the storytime atmosphere, led a large group of the kids to rush the stage repeatedly and try to help me by punching and kicking the bear and me a few times. It became a repeating bit where Steve would stand up and calmly make the kids sit down, then FALL FLYING TO THE FLOOR in an exciting bear fight.

After a massive battle which featured Steve flying in the air, against the wall and onto the floor, the bear was declared the winner ...

... and yet, in the field of battle, the two foes bonded and became friends.

Next saturday, the mouse from the book If You Give A Mouse A Cookie is scheduled to show up. Hopefully it will be a nice, calm, peaceful storytime where Steve doesn't have to wrestle anything, especially bears.

I'm all bear-ed out, yo.

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Anonymous said...

How thrilling. You are a very brave man.