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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Steve's Church-Less Movie Of The Week ...

Yoinked from Wikipedia ...

"House of Wax is a 1953 American horror film starring Vincent Price. It is a remake of 1933's Mystery of the Wax Museum without the comic relief featured in the earlier film, and was directed by André De Toth. The 1953 House of Wax was an early example of the 3-D film craze of the early 1950s. House of Wax, originally titled The Wax Works, was Warner Bros. answer to the 3-D hit Bwana Devil, which had been released the previous November. Seeing something big in 3-D's future, WB contracted the same company, Natural Vision, run by the Gunzberg Brothers, Julian and Milton, to shoot the new feature. The film is ultimately a remake of the studio's 1933 film, The Mystery of the Wax Museum, which in itself was written and based on Charles Belden's three-act play, The Wax Works.

Among the scenes featured in the film that make the best use of 3-D are a museum fire, a paddle ball man, and can-can girls. Ironically, the director De Toth was blind in one eye, and unable to experience stereo vision or the 3-D effects. “It’s one of the great Hollywood stories,” Price recalled. “When they wanted a director for [a 3-D] film, they hired a man who couldn’t see 3-D at all! Andre de Toth was a very good director, but he really was the wrong director for 3-D. He’d go to the rushes and say, ‘Why is everybody so excited about this?’ It didn’t mean anything to him. But he made a good picture, a good thriller. He was largely responsible for the success of the picture. The 3-D tricks just happened—there weren’t a lot of them. Later on, they threw everything at everybody.”

Steve's Snacks Of The Week:

Vanilla Ice Cream
Root Beer
The Aftertaste Of The Breathing Machine Which Ruins The Taste Of EVERYTHING

I am excited about my movie choice today. You see, back when I was a child the American Movie Classics cable channel actually showed MOVIE CLASSICS! And every saturday night and sunday morning they usually showed the old horror films. Classic Universal and Hammer horror films interspersed with a few fifties and sixties cheesy ones. It was a great way for a young person like myself to grow up, surrounded by Frankenstein and Dracula. This film was one of my favorites back then but I don't think I've actually sat down and seen my old VHS copy since maybe high school.

Here's video from the 1953 premiere. The premiere features appearances by non-cast members Bela Lugosi and President Ronald Regan. What a combination that is, Bela and Regan, huh? That's like a dream meeting right there ...

Now that i think about it, that would be a fucking awesome play. I am totally serious, y'all, a simple stage play about the chance meeting of an aged actor on the decline and a young actor on the rise and destined for Presidency, accidentally meeting together at the strange whacked-out midnight premiere of a film they aren't even IN. Maybe they meet for a smoke break in the back. Wow. That would make an awesome play, kinda like a parody of that Picasso play that Steve Martin made. I could totally write the Lugosi part but with Regan I'm absolutely stumped. you know, maybe that would be a nice project for me to write. Maybe someday, maybe someday soon ...

And keeping the video vault rolling, here is a video of the infamous paddle ball scene, which has been brought to you today IN EYE-POPPING 3-D!!!

Sadly, however, the copy I have is in eye-sedimentary 2-D, which means that this gratuitous paddle ball scene is sadly unexciting. Still, can't wait, though.

Here's an article about how one cast member's life was literally on the line.


Anonymous said...

HA! I saw this months ago with Ian and Lex here at The Laurelhurst, a theater where you can drink beer and eat pizza. It was a lot of fun. It wasn't projected 3D, and I was starting to wonder why we spent so much damned time watching some jackass bounce a ball at the screen.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, other than the one or two gratuitous 3d scenes, a classic horror film. Good Jesusless movies, rev. Keep 'em coming.