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Friday, January 30, 2009

Washing Cats Is Fun Galore ...


-Washing animals is fun. It makes them both cuddly and pissed. Fun times.

-So incredibly broke that I had to pretty much BEG my parents for money. Ashamed of that. But at least we finally have $$ for food. We've been so broke that I vaguely remember what food used to be.

-Did a big storytime for Emerald's whole school. Exciting, nervous, crazy Jesus-loving fun ...

... but more on that some other time.

Wilco: Jesus Ect.

-Been cutting more often lately. Vaguely ashamed of that.

-I'm also ashamed of how much nobody notices them, the big scars on my hands and arms and wrists. Either no one sees them or no one seems to care.

-Wet cats kinda look like Yoda ...

-Big shake up in my department at work. I now have a co-children's lead that was chosen for me. I wish that I was part of that process, seeing as it's MY department. But I'll live.

-I can't believe Matt Hardy turned on his brother Jeff! I mean, I knew it was coming, but I still couldn't believe it when I finally saw it. Incredible.

-The evil and sinister Dr. Borderz returns to storytime tomorrow to reek his evil vengeance. Hopefully I'll have pictures.

-Aren't my girls beautiful ...

... they're slowly turning into damn gorgeous women. And I am so proud.

Well, that's that. Post #991. Talk to you later ...

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Gwen L. said...

Steve, I know I run the risk of making you mad by saying this, but I'm sure everyone notices your scars but just doesn't know what to say. You have been stuck in this horrible rut for a long time now and nothing anyone says or does is going to make it any better until you get your ass to a counselor to get some help.

People really do care about you, but even if all of us told you every single day how great you are, it would make no difference in the long run. You are depressed and need to get someone professional help you get a grip on it.

I hope you choose to do something about it. I miss the guy who hung out on the balcony, letting his nails get painted purple, all the while explaining to us about "coasting". You had me laughing so hard on so many occasions it hurt my sides.