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Monday, March 23, 2009

Captain Book: The Book ...

Later today I will be meeting with my possible illustrator about a possible series of books based on my Captain Book storytime character. Apparently he's been working on a really nice illustration of the Captain and he's going to star working on one for the evil and sinister Dr. Borderz.

I'm nervous. I spent almost two years on Captain Book, creating a superhero character that kids loved. We had lengthy plotlines, epic scripts, a dense mythology, and lengthy backstories. I worked my ass off creating a live action comic book for kids. I actually felt CREATIVE and it felt wonderful. I used my co-workers and they helped me create new villains and plotlines and they even acted them out in front of some pretty huge crowds. The management of the store backed me up and believed in me and gave me whatever I needed. I even got the store manager and the DISTRICT manager to play people. It was huge. It was hilarious. It was a fun ass ride ...

... and the kids at storytime freakin' ate it UP. It was great. I kept thinking that all this crazy crap would just totally go over their heads but they KNEW it. They knew every character and their origin and what they were up to. It was amazing. Some kids thought I was Dr. Borderz and some kids just THOUGHT they were two different people. They all just bought it.

A stupid little superhero thing blew up into something infinitely bigger than I would have ever imagined.

But then things changed. First off, our hero Kenton moved to San Francisco. Then our store management changed. Our new management stopped supporting me like they used to. I once had six people helping me at storytime and now I can't even get one to help me.

Yeah. That's how me and Captain Book broke up.

Now my wife is pushing me to make a kids book about Captain Book. She wants me to write it. Or she'll write it herself, she says. She even got an illustrator ready. And this guy's good. Damn good. And I'm excited. I am.

It's just that the way I feel about Captain Book right now is the way I feel about my ex-girlfriend Debby Bell. She was great. We had a great fucking time. It was a good run and we had a blast and we were amazing friends and we partied our asses off. But my time with her feels like so long ago. I've moved on and grown up. I'm a different person from the person that I was with her. I look back fondly on my time with her and sometimes I wish that I could go back to that. But I'm different. That part of me is dead now, just a memory, and now that's crystallized as nothing more than an awesome memory.

Now replace Debby with Captain Book.

Therein lies my trepidation.

Anyways, today I go out of my ANgoraphobic bubble. Wish me luck ...

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