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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Steve's Church-Less Movie Of The Week, Part 2 ...

Make some popcorn and find a good seat, people, because this one is totally on me ...

Yoinked from the Wiki ...

"Godzilla: Tokyo S.O.S., released in Japan as Godzilla X Mothra X Mechagodzilla: Tōkyō SOS (ゴジラ×モスラ×メカゴジラ 東京SOS ,Gojira Mosura Mekagojira Tōkyō Esu Ō Esu?), is a 2003 kaiju film directed by Masaaki Tezuka. It is the sequel to 2002's Godzilla Against Mechagodzilla; the only film in the Millennium Godzilla series to be a sequel to another film in the same series. It was the twenty-seventh film to be released in the Godzilla series.

This film marks the second time a film featuring Mechagodzilla was followed up by a direct sequel. The first time was in 1975, when Terror of Mechagodzilla acted as a direct sequel to 1974's Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla. Godzilla: Tokyo SOS opened on December 14, 2003 on a double bill with an animated cartoon called Hamtaro: Ham Ham Grand Prix. In its opening weekend, it was third place at the box office with $1,686,009. Its gross was estimated at a disappointing $12,000,000, with approximately 1,100,000 admissions.

This was the first Godzilla film ever to be completed just in time for its preview showing at the Tokyo International Film Festival. All previous Godzilla films since Gojira VS Kingugidora (1991) were screened there around a month before their usual general release date (early-mid December), but were still busy finishing up post-production (ie. few FX shots were incomplete, wires were visible, etc). In this film, Hiroshi Koizumi reprises his role of Professor Shin'ichi Chûjô from the original film Mothra (1961), which he starred in 40 years earlier."

Pretty excited about this movie. The last film, Godzilla Against Mechagodzilla, is just a setup for this film's big ass kickingness. So I'm psyched about it all.

And once again here is Cinemassacre's Godzillathon review of Godzilla Tokyo SOS. His reviews are always funny and pretty much spot on, so here you go to get you warmed up ...

Steve's Snacks of The Week:


Root Beer

More Chips

Rest Of The Red Vines

A Few Chocolate Donuts

Probably A Lot More Pills

... AND NOW, Steve and this blog are both PROUD to once again present today's Church-less Movie of the Week in its entirety ... FOR FREE! Yes, yes, yes, there's no need to thanks me. Just pay it forward and all that. Please, though, a few rules first. No talking in the theater, no cell phones, please, and dim your headlights (where applicable).

Oh, and remember ...

Enjoy the show, y'all!

Watch Godzilla Tokyo S.O.S. for free now!


Reverend Steve said...

Is it wrong of me to be really happy NOT having my wife and kids around? Because I am.

Reverend Steve said...

Mothra looks good in this.

Reverend Steve said...

This one starts slower than the first one.

Anonymous said...

Nothing wrong in wanting a bit of time to yourself occasionally. Don't fret it.

- Bunny